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Lean back, relax and enjoy these videos about career paths, career advice and career development. A Adobe Muse widget that allows you to use and import a local video. Cassandra Bell, Matthew Bellamy.

Muse participated in a futurist video for' Something Human' based on Teen Wolf.

Muse released a brandnew video for their single'Something Human'. Lance Drake, who worked with the group on their videos for'Dig Down' and'Thought Contagion', was the stage direct. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Muse's travel manager Glen Rowe is stepping down to found a whole new charitable organization to help new acts at the heart of the game.

In London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds and Edinburgh, Rowe plans to open five small event locations across the state. He also accused the maximum shutdown of the base to create a bottle neck for the industry, making it hard for new acts to find appropriate theatres.

Returning Muse with Werewolves, Cop Hunts in New'Something Human' Video

The frequent Muse employee Lance Drake staged the video for "Something Human", in which Bellamy looks at a video tape on a VR system on a digital audio system, then gets into his future-oriented sport cars and drives down a deserted road. Finally, the artist draws the eyes of the police - performed by Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme - and a rapid pursuit follows.

He gets away from Bellamy by going into hyperdrive and lands on an deserted island where there is only one video rent. When he returns his tape, a full-voon turns Bellamy into a wolf - just in case to send the arriving Dr. Who-style crooks over a phone boot.

"Something Human " is the third singles Muse has published in the last few month after "Dig Down" and "Thought Contagion". Hitherto unnamed, the group's 8th record has no precise date of publication, but will probably be out in November. Muse's last LP, Drones, was out in 2015.

Muse: Knight of Cydonia (Video 2006)

Videotape for the song'Mercy' A lady struggles her way out of a high-security shelter. In the video that accompanies the singles, the group shows how they play in a small furnishing store dressed in mask. On the commercial for Muse's 2012 singles "Madness" the group appears as two fighting fans face each other in the middle of a subway uprising, the British band Muse rocks London's Wembley Stadium with songs like Starlight & Hysteria.

In front of more than 60,000 spectators, the British group muse plays a set list with astonishing new materials and classical music. Muse's concert movie in Paris in October 2001, filmed over two-night. In the video to accompany Muse's 2006 Magnum Opera, a nameless villain struggles to free a city from the catches of the reigning marshal.

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