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San Barbara Bowl Santa Barbara, CA, USA. Until last Thursday "Dig Down" was the only view of Muse's eighth studio album. Muse presents a great night of singer-songwriters.

Drone World Tour

Muse, the world-famous and multiple award-winning group, started their challenging Drones Worldwide Tour in the years 2015-16 and played over 130 concerts all over the inland. Well known for exceeding the limits of their productions, the group performed "in the round" from the centre of the stadium, with the set and configurations offering a full 360-degree audio/visual sensor listening environment to the audience.

Filming and recording over several shows, the film contains never before seen visual impact and an exquisite intro. New York Times has described the Muse life event as "an infinite buildup headed for one climax after another - that's what a Muse concerto has to offer by every means".

Here we find the group at the peak of their strength and create an memorable fans event that wants to be seen on the canvas.

Muse Plot The first four dates of the U.S.'Drones' tour

Muse will start the U.S. stage of her Drones tour in Portland, Oregon on December 13. They have also scheduled three concerts in California: December 15, San Diego December 16 and Los Angeles December 18. On the Drones World Tour the in the round " group will perform in the centre of the arena and offer the spectators a 360-degree adventure.

In June, the band published their political loaded 7th LP entitled Dirones. Coproduced by AC/DC and Def Leppard vet Robert John "Mutt" Lange, the record concentrates on the dehumanising aspects of unmanned air vehicle tech.

Muse unveils details of upcoming album, 2019 World Tour

Until last Thursday "Dig Down" was the only view of Muse's 8th recording session. Now with the launch of her new solo song "Thought Contagion", Muse has spoken more about her upcoming work. Matt Bellamy was not timid in an interviewer with Rolling Stone to reveal the band's ambitions for their latest one.

Said that they actually have a lot to do before the record is ready and that he doesn't anticipate that everything will be ready by autumn. Bellamy also says that the group is planning to publish at least two more single tracks by the date of publication of the record.

Besides the detail of her new record, Muse also talked about a headliner tour of the 2019 NME Awards when she was questioned. Matt-Bellamy is claiming Muse's earlier tour of The Drone's is a round platform with hovering drone that came out of the ceilings throughout the show.

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