Muse Undisclosed Desires

Muse Undisclosed Wishes

"Undesclosed Desires" (also known as "Undisclosed") is a song by the English rock band Muse. The lyrics to "Undisclosed Desires" by Muse:

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"Undesclosed Desires"[1] is a track by the British pop group Muse. On November 16, 2009 it was published as the second solo from their fifth recording The Resistance [2] The track was composed by Matthew Bellamy, who called the track "a very special one about me and my girlfriend"[3].

It was recorded in a mix by the reviewers, with some judging the R&B tone, while others found it too different from their already varied one. Andrei Leahey of the musical website almusic described the track as "bizarre timbaland-meets-depeche fashion atmosphere" and used it as an example of the band's seeming "tendency to stack excesses in excesses"[8], while Ben Patashnik described "Undisclosed" as proof for the group " try[ing] to reignite the low-down R&B of 'Supermassive Black Hole'", which he also calls "backfires".

"Patashnik further criticized the track by describing it as "something Timbaland could find on the back of his mixer"[9]Mojo, however, as one of the high points of The Resistance, together with "United States of Eurasia" and "Uprising"[4] Q Magazine also described it positively and called it "a hard, Gothsy attitude (to Timbalands style)".

Undisclosed Desires" ended the Hot30 countdown on place 9 on February 19, 2010. Jonas & Fran├žois' film shows all 3 members of Muse in a rather uncommon room, where wire lies and hangs everywhere. He plays slave basso in the edge next to a solid hamstring full of low end guitar; Dom alternately plays the percussion and pushes more drum into the set; and Matt is in front, plays keyboard and sings in two glued together mics with three crystal bezels in front of him called "Matt Closed up", "Matt Mid shot" and "Matt Long shot", and a small area above him with eight mics that surround him, where he sometimes snaps his hands in his hands.

In the beginning of the tape, Matt sticks a piece of thread into his boot.

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