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Purchase Muse tickets at Ticketmaster Germany. Is there going to be a Muse Tour 2018? Muse's first track published from his new record is'Dig Down'. As Bellamy said, the prevailing mood at the moment was inspiring him to record the track as an early pre-view of the work. Bellamy told Radio X in an interviewer that the group would release more single tracks well before the new 2018 record.

"And the good news is that we'll be releasing tracks like'Dig Down' before the record. Front man Matt Bellamy recounted the 80s look of the new film. "Will there be a Muse Tour 2018? We are not on tour for a while yet, we are only doing four shows this year to provide us with energy during the production of the record, but unfortunately they are not in the UK, they are in other places.

She never seems to get weary when she goes on tour. The' Drones Welt Tour' was the band's 9th tour around the globe and raised 23 million dollars (17.4 million pounds). Wellamy has said that the new record is likely to fall in the second half of 2018, which positions the group for promotion performances in the summers before a Muse UK tour in 2019.

It also unveiled that the group definitely plans to tour sometime in a background talk at the VO5 NME Awards. Then he said: We will make the greatest tour and knock down the crowd with things they have never seen before. Up Date: UK enthusiasts who can't await the Muse Tour 2019 can still find out about the rocker when'Drones World Tour' is shown in theaters on July 12.

Commenting on the new movie, Bellamy said: "I have always been interested in the combination of man and technique. Keep up to date with the latest lineup on Muse's UK tour 2019 and the new record.

2017 Muse Tour? Group unveils next year's agenda

Muse have announced their plan for 2017 - in a conversation about their expectations for a tour and new recordings. The Devonshire trio'Drones' last weekend uncovered their'Halloween Special' with a tape of their album''The Cramps''New Kind Of Kick'. They were back in the UK for the Q Awards last night, where they were named'Best Act In The World Today'.

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