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They debuted at number one in Great Britain and produced Muse's first top ten hit "Time Is Running Out" and three top twenty hits: Separate management of pensions and administrative consulting Recently, we have worked with the customer on a number of government, DC and administrative related issues. There have been many debates and discussions internally about the pension regulatory board's initiatives for the twenty-first century. Muse TES: What's the point? The Muse TES is an expansion of the Trustee Board and helps the Trustees effectively administer their schema and reach their strategy objectives faster.

Allowing the trustee to spend valuable resources and allowing the boards to concentrate on important topics; to know that daily planning administration is in secure hands, giving trustees and sponsors security. We' re all very proud of our creator and CEO, Avgi Gregory, who took home the acclaimed (and well-deserved!) Role Model of the Year accolade at the Professional Pensions Women in Pensions Awards 2018.

Sign up to get our quaterly update with our latest case study and thoughts on the retirement age. My specialties include the screening and screening of consultants, the efficiency of the Trustees and Committees, the retirement and resource departments of the Trustees, and retirement planning. I work as a consulting company as part of the client's projects team to provide customers with high value added services.

At Muse, I have worked on a wide range of retirement assignments and developed my skills in the areas of retirement administration, consultant recruitment and trust management. Lately, I have worked with custodians to steer estate plan and conducted a fiduciary compensation practice inquiry. Most of my work consisted of selecting the external service provider, be it a retirement manager, secretary or asset manager.

My wealth of expertise ranges from a home loan and savings bank fusion to the deployment of a comprehensive overall corporate governance system. I was appointed Pension Governance Manager as a christening after a takeover, but it has awakened my interest in the pension world. Well, what brings you to Muse?

Resource and service managment are still of special interest to me. My organizational abilities are powerful and I am bringing a new outlook to my work. For me, the key to our triumph is to find hands-on answers to the challenge facing UK pensions systems. I specialize in the day-to-day running of retirement plans, administrative audits and the implementation of transformation initiatives. Since 2012, I have been a Senior Associate at Muse, focusing on administrative related issues that support the Board of Trustees in important changes.

In particular, I have carried out project-driven administrative selections and transitions and supported a large correction of my work. Besides leading a number of interest groups (and personalities!) and workflows, it was my job to offer challenges and orientation throughout the work. My pension days began as an administrative assistant in the pre-Computerized 80s before Maxwell.

I have since worked as a pension manager and have supported pension plans through significant changes, such as insourcing, changes to management plans and the introduction of new plans. Prior to Muse, I worked in the Cabinet Office as the head of public service pensions, built new government agreements, and then led the clients side of the move to a common administrative JV.

Well, what brings you to Muse? Bringing a different point of vision from this side of the barrier, I can see things from the customer's point of vision. In my work I also contribute a mixture of quiet human understanding and humor. My specialties include pension and benefit stewardship, fiduciary efficiency, facilitating workshops, transformation initiatives and managing risks.

From fiduciary efficiency testing, moderated workshop and riskmanagement to DC Markup review and vendor select drills, my work is diverse. Project managment is something I like to do, and I've administered them on both sides of the wire, which gives me a good prospect of what customers want.

Over the years I have managed value audit, multi-national swimming pools implementations and multi-national multi-national multi-national multi-national and multi-national multi-national multi-national and multi-national projects. I switched from globally to locally and was deeply committed to British pension and trust Governance when the 2004 Pensions Act came into being. Well, what brings you to Muse? I' m an office manager, assistant to the executive board, project coordinator and general consultant in many affairs!

Whenever I have the chance, I relish being part of our customer team. Well, what brings you to Muse? My areas of expertise include administrative efficiency and strategic review, vendor and vendor sourcing, vendor and vendor sourcing, contractual negotiations, moderation and execution of projects. My speciality is to advise customers on the efficiency, strategic and regulatory aspects of retirement planning.

In this context, I assist our customers in assessing administrative problems and choices, selecting vendors, reviewing retirement operating capability and technological choices, and managing and overseeing the implementation of changes. About 12 years I worked in the company retirement plan; at first in administrative positions, but with a focus on engineering, fiduciary secretariat and system as well.

A part of my work in this area I spend specifying and deploying fully automatic, proprietary retirement schemes with DC early-stage retirement schemes - I'm still wearing the cicatrices! As a result of this my position at a retirement company took me to a position with responsibilities for customer and deployment relationship planning and business process developmen.

Working as a senior analyst at Mercer, as Director of PWC's Board of Directors Advisory Practices and in Hewitt's Corporate Banking, I was responsible for the business relations and services for some of their biggest outsourcers. Well, what brings you to Muse? I' d like to think that I have a little sense of humor (!), along with wide ranging experiences and a practical attitude.

My comprehension of the customer and vendor perspective is good from the point of view of the gamekeeper, and I am analytic in my way of approaching what is really important in any problem related to the projects or management. My specialty is to help customers implement appropriate investments governance agreements that match their assets, operational preferences and goals.

I' m assistant director of Muse. My specialty is to help customers make sure they have investments that are compatible with their assets, their operational preferences and their goals. For more than 25 years I have been working in the pension sector as an asset manager. Also I was a member of a Trust and Investments Board of a British programme with DB and DC Divisions.

Beyond working with Muse, I will work as a fiduciary for a charitable organization that helps young adult learners with disabilities, and I am developing a small range of professional positions in the annuity area. Well, what brings you to Muse? Hands-on consulting and implementation expertise in investing in pension systems.

Since I have looked at all facets of managing and implementing investments from different angles, I have a thorough knowledge of the requirements for fiduciaries and planning sponsoring. My ability to inspire confidence among stakeholder groups of all kinds and at all tiers will help us evolve appropriate corporate Governance and eventually enhance our return on investments.

I am an expert in managing projects and changes, board of directors and consultants, as well as managing administrative checks and auditing and ensuring information continuity. In 2015 I came to Muse as a Senior Associate and in 2017 I became part of the staff as a consultant. At one point, I can assist a customer in reviewing a government service vendor and, at the next step, advise on how to improve retirement efficiency and trust Governance.

Launched my professional life in 2000 in the pensions and rewards sector, I held various positions in government, product stewardship and customer services. Also I have worked at BT as a Pensions Projectmanager with responsibility for Providers Manager, Reduce Risks, Correct Dates, Communication and Government. Having covered my parental leave for the UK Pensions Manager, I was also engaged in HR related activities and was later transferred to HR as UK Talent and Organisation Effectiveness Manager.

Leaving 2014 and traveling and volunteering abroad as an English as a Foreign Language instructor, I joined Muse in early 2015. Well, what brings you to Muse? Knowing both providers and in-house managers on both trustee and employers' assignments, my expertise gives me an understanding of the different agenda and issues he is faced with.

My true passions are to help customers find, build and deploy projects and manage changes. I specialize in retirement consulting, corporate governance, fiduciary efficiency, retirement planning and corporate opportunity planning. Typically a tag consists of a mix of: working with trustees, retirement managers, fiduciary secretaries or sponsorship organisations to review and improve the way they manage, manage and govern their retirement systems; evaluating or mentoring peers to make sure Muse keeps delivering top-notch work for their customers; and the challenge of what we do and how we can best help customers and the teams keep succeeding and growing.

After graduating from City University with a Master's in Law in Actuary and an introduction to annuity calculation that includes actuary and administrative computations, I have worked to help retirees and fiduciaries mitigate risks and increase efficiency in managing and monitoring them. I worked at Mercer for many years, where I designed and managed the practical aspects of operative transformations and retirement management.

Well, what brings you to Muse? Bringing with me a wealth of working knowledge of many UK based pensions systems, particularly large ones, and a broad understanding of the government, management and pensions consulting world. I took a four-year leave after ten years to raise my own familiy, but came back part-time for Astra Pharmaceuticals in an administrational capacity.

For the past few years, I have been the clerk of an impartial real estate agency which ensured that the entire management was done at a high level and supported the teams responsible for sale andettings. Well, what brings you to Muse? My expertise and my capacity to put a hands-on stance into practice. It is my aim that the management and daily duties are done and that our consulting staff can concentrate on their customers.

I am an expert in the areas of trust management and riskmanagement. Helping trust boards and sponsorship organizations keep their standards of corporate Governance at the highest level. My specialties include outsourcing retirement planning, trust management and efficiency, and large-scale retirement benefit modification work. I am a Fellow of the Boarding House Mangement Institute and have been working in the field of boarding house fund administration for almost 20 years.

Recently Head of Pensions and Benefits for Rexam PLC (an FTSE 100 firm recently taken over by a US rival, Ball Corp.). Previously, I was an internal pension manager for Fujitsu Services and pension manager for Société Générale Corporate & Investment Bank. Looking even further back, I worked in the consultancy field, especially in external pension functions.

Well, what brings you to Muse? Lots of hands-on experiences on how to run a good retirement savings scheme and implement things. The majority of my internal functions have been shaped in two ways: as Head of Pensions/Pensions Manager for the sponsor company and as Secretary of the Board of Trustees. The best way to work is to build good relations, so I really love to build a team where everyone knows the goals of the retirement agreements and the strategies for getting there - which really help Trustee Boards gauge performance.

One of my areas of expertise is providing consulting on capital expenditure management and reviewing consultants. Out of Muse I am an independant fiduciary of a big database system and a not so big master trust. Well, what brings you to Muse? My many years of professional and personal experiences cover consulting fiduciaries and sponsorship of large German rail (DB) boarding houses in insurance and asset management issues.

I' m working on a number of assignments that include government, management, consultant audits, fiduciary efficiency and everything in between! Other than Muse, I am a member and Chairman of the Social Committee of the PMI London Group Committee and a co-opted member of the PMI Membership and Commercial Development Committee. From Mercer's administrative side, I joined the Mercer Corporate governance, secretariat and outsourced pension management teams in 2011.

I have worked on a broad range of topics, covering communication, MND process, administrative audits, evaluation negotiation, consultant recruitment and audit, corporate design and corporate strategies. Well, what brings you to Muse? Now, apart from my joke (and sarcasm!), my hands-on management and Governance expertise allows me to talk to customers from the point of view that I have actually done the job and know how the overall approach is filtering the filter down to the bottom-line.

I joined Muse in 2013 and have expanded my administrative skills, particularly in the area of expenses and agreements. Having designed the PMI's basic principles for management agreements, I was part of the Mercury Project comparative study that we carry out for large projects. I am experienced in the efficiency and evolution of retirement trust companies for board members, board members, committee members, fiduciaries and chairmen.

Good practice in terms of good practice in terms of good practice in terms of good practice in terms of good corporate governance and working with stakeholders. I' m also an employee of another independant governing company, the Independent Audit (Corporate Boards). Beyond Muse, I am also a per bono impartial fiduciary for the Crouch End Festival Chorus. I have had three major professions in the areas of government, investments and finances.

I have also educated myself as a trainer in the area of Governance and am skilled in developing instruments such as Myers Briggs. I have been working as a management consultant for eleven years now. The specialisation evolved from my previous careers in the asset management industry at Warburgs, where I built up and managed IR consulting for directors in the equity broking industry, and at Deutsche Asset Management, where I worked with and acted as asset manager for asset management companies.

Well, what brings you to Muse? Hopefully, we will have competence, a good eye for detail, good customer knowledge and a good nose for humor. My specialties are corporate governance, fiduciary efficiency, retirement planning (including administration), strategic planning and large scale corporate transformation initiatives. I am an actuarial and have worked in the areas of corporate Governance, Administrative Consultancy and DC Articles at Mercer and Hymans Robertson.

With Hymans Robertson war ich was Partner, Head of governance, Risk Group chairman und DC governance committee chair, président. Well, what brings you to Muse? Over 30 years of finance, annuity and corporate finance expertise, backed by strong managerial, technological and sales skills and a high degree of practicalism. My 30 years of professional backgrounds include retirement plan stewardship and stewardship, corporate governance, change control, change control, monitoring, selection as well as execution.

My job is to help our customers make their old-age provision more effective. This can be managing a project to enhance the governance or managerial capacity of their retirement plans, assisting in defining the company's or system's policy, or assisting in the implementation of sophisticated project. I also do a great deal as a director to help the company with new prospective customers and to assist day-to-day operations.

I had three issues in my retirement days. First, the day-to-day running and managing of retirement benefit systems - in the dark and remote past I managed the operation for a large third party administrator. Last but not least, project and programme stewardship - I have managed all kinds of project that cover the administrative, evaluation and investing facets of annuities as well as many other modification and human resources work.

Well, what brings you to Muse? Plenty of hands-on hands-on leadership and involvement in the operation of retirement systems, from the biggest in the nation to the smallest there are, to go on for three decades! and more! In my roll I focus on providing assistance to senior managers in projects and corporate governance.

I' ve got a double on Muse: I' m a muse: Collaborating with customers to support the muse project managers on a variety of assignments, so far mainly in the choice and implementation of pension fund operations; assisting the project managers in various operations, as well as setting up and maintaining customer and potential line operations, consulting contracts with our customers and anything else that does not have a "natural" home.

Many years ago, my professional life began as a pension manager with a large insurer, Sun Life Assurance. After that I switched to the consulting industry and worked for Sedgwick Noble Lowndes as a pension consultant for medium-sized businesses. Some years later my internal focus was on my own when I was asked to manage various British and later international work.

Well, what brings you to Muse? My core competences are, in addition to humor as an accomplished PRINCE 2 Practitioner, organization and communication, the adoption of the "seed of an idea" and the further development to a practicable result. Work with Muse's customers and help them manage their pension schemes.

In October 2015, I came to Muse to work on trustees hip and annuity management work. I went directly into the annuity insurance after my studies. My education as an actuarial specialist, my development of retirement schemes and my management of a FTSE 100 retirement plan have been completed. For most of my carreer I have been working with customers on all kinds of retirement management and management assignments, and that is my primary interest.

My work is also part-time for the retirement regulatory authority, which focuses on the adjustment of retirement benefits in the civil services, and my work at Muse is therefore limited to retirement benefits in the individual state. Well, what brings you to Muse? My background includes extensive and profound familiarity with the markets, business astuteness and a wealth of expertise in managing and administering retirement plans from various angles.

I am experienced in the areas of retirement management outsourced, in the TPA business and in review by professionals. As part of the specialist staff for outsourced retirement management, TPA marketing and consulting services. Working for Towers Watson, Lufthansa Deutsche Fluggesellschaft, where I was the internal Pensions Administrative Officer for 4 years, and a third-party provider, Clay & Partners, who became Aon Hewitt.

I began focusing on the review of retirement planning and transition in 2001 and worked with KPMG, LCP and PwC. Well, what brings you to Muse? Bringing comprehensive marketing expertise and hands-on experiences in the areas of retirement planning, purchasing process and business process development to customers. My expertise covers the areas of employee and external retirement systems, retirement technologies and selections, retirement governance procedures and company audit.

I am experienced in leading teamwork, communication and establishing long-term relations. Coming to Muse as an analyst in early 2017, I supported the client projects across the full range of Muse' offerings, which included administrative audits, trust government and trust managed vendor research. More than five years of retailing expertise, which includes executive leadership, human resources, administrative and, of course, client support.

Well, what brings you to Muse? My experience and qualifications are many and varied. My peers have already talked about my leadership and communications abilities as well as my humor. Browse our latest thoughts and reflections on the pension age. Periodicals on current pension issues.

Use our guidelines and framework to help you manage your schema governance and processes. Find out more about our latest engagements and what your colleagues are doing. The Muse in the messages and messages about Muse, as well as media notices. "Supported by Muse's highly skilled staff, our recent FM screening campaign has worked as planned and so much more.

We were able to turn the system's unparalleled features and aspirations into specialized and hands-on customer support needs. "Because of her in-depth understanding of the pensions management markets and her independency, we nominated Muse. The Trustees were convinced by Muse's choice of their third-party administrators.

A lot of implementations make too many promises and supply too little. In addition to our own in-house task of managing our own IT infrastructure and the third person administration, Muse led a professional and effective deployment that achieved the desired degree of automated operation from the very first conference on. When you think that you would suit Muse, please contact us.

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