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Mike Skinner on the "Uprising" B-side "Who Knows Who". Incredible, I've never heard of Muse until I played her up-prising at the Grammys, where they won the best rock album. "Upprising" is another conspiracy/apocalypse track, but with a lot of hope tied into it. Schmetterlinge und Wirbelst├╝rme, Muse's most ambitious track in history.

The Muse: her best 10 Lieder

Since Muse is scheduled to headline the Reading and Leeds Festival in 2017, we are among the top 10 hymns of the Teignmouth Three. This is one of the few muse tracks from the 2006 Black Holes and Revelations record that doesn't make the keyboard seem like it's being knocked into a doorway to hell.

This soft vocalong triggers a gossiping, mass slapping of Radio Ga Ga during appearances on stage, and apart from the crunching bottom of the entire tune, this is as near as Muse can tinker with a lighter, highly ascending romance as Muse. Origin of Symmetry, New Born's opening tracks begin with a recurrent ghostly keyboard reef, basso and basso-roll.

But this almost calm prelude gradually becomes a melody of a heavily rocking show show. Howard's drums are flawless, easy and tell the whole story, which is considered by many muse enthusiasts to be the best bit on their widely acclaimed best record of all. This bargain sees Muse turning to ferocious exhilaration material and Bellamy to his most vitriol, insulting active the system and the imminent change of the UAV change organization.

Although the texts are as ridiculous as the titles might suggest, the song's skilful interpretation allows it to linger in the realm of respectable obscenities. There has never been a better name for a singing like this energy belt from 2003. Wolstenholme hang the whole track dirty, grumbling, rumbling twisted double-bass which tears its way through the track like Blondie Meet Marilyn Manson and opens it.

It' a wonderfully designed skirt track, directly from the screaming feed back of the opening accord to the jumping rhythms of the choir. It' a classic, flawless bit of punching and racing skirt. Knights, the most laughable muse tune, picks the audience up through an opening that seems to ring in the end of the world.

Explosion, laser and then the rumbling sounds of horse gallops fill the breeze before guitar races begin and a Queen-like harmonious choir emerges before the song finally explode into a raucous heavy metal album.

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