Muse Tour Schedule

Muse Tour Schedule

People from PVRIS announced their dates with Muse, together with an update for their upcoming second album. Website | Reviews and Press | Tourplan - nenna_tourbig. The Clio Muse is an award-winning application that offers audio tours on various themes. Read exciting stories according to your own schedule and pace.

Muse launches 30-second North American tour to Mars & PVRIS

In mid-2017 Muse will go on tour, supported by two groups who will be sharing new songs this year. UK based rocker - the last record was 2015's Brones - today (February 6) cancelled a series of headliner shows from May 20 in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Together with Thirty Seconds to Mars and PVRIS they will cross amphitheatres and festival in the following heats. Up to now the three groups have a rather tight schedule (only 16 shows over four months), so that there is enough room for further appointments. He won the best skirt record at the February 2016 Grammy Awards.

Jared Leto's lead line-up performed only a few shows in 2016, but indicated that new material would be released in 2017 through a recent agreement with Interscope Records. People from PVRIS and Muse told us about their upcoming second record. The Massachusetts rocker is adding the final touch to the White Noise 2014 and working with Blake Harnage again, according to a news outfit.

Whilst Muse and 30STM are no stranger to big rocking trips, PVRIS - who last year got a glimpse of the arena alongside Falls Out Boy - are in the best positions to escape behind the coming events and the new album. General, offered for Muse's forthcoming hike, will start this Friday (February 10th).

Below you can find the forthcoming travel plan of the group, which also contains a few already advertised gigs without the two opener.

Muse New Album, Drone Tour Dates & Tickets

Now that we've already posted a brief series of tour schedule events for the Americas, Muse has also published a full-length tour. Muse will be on tour with Phantogram and Philogram on different occasions. Muse announces that they will travel to the USA for at least a few appointments on their Drones World Tour.

Following several appearances in South America, the show will go from Mexico to Portland, OR, with a show at Moda Center on December 13. Afterwards they will spend three evenings in California, with stations in Oakland, San Diego and a last appearance at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles on December 18.

Keep up with TBA for more U.S. Muse appointments when they become known. UK synth-rocking muse are back with new work. They have just published a track from their forthcoming Drones on June 9th. In order to revive themselves in the musical scene, they embark on a tour of Europe and Asia, with stations in England, Germany and Japan.

It' s been two years since Muse has been touring the USA and with the publication of Drones the US supporters are looking forward to a great opportunity to see the group in all their splendour.

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