Muse Tour Dates

Muse Tour Dates

Their arena tours have already taken place in South America and Asia and the band used their festival production. The Razorlight release the first new songs in ten years, announce the tour dates for Great Britain. Tourdates for the Muse Tour 2018 Don't miss your concert tickets for the Muse Tourdates 2018! Are you a big fans of these gifted British musical celebrities, then you will want to take the chance to see them at one of their shows when the show comes to a town near you!

Muse have come a long way since they supported Skunk Anansie on tour in 1998. Seven very succesful studio albums and six big concert tour later; the guys from Devon have become one of the greatest groups in the time. Her big success came in 1999 when Muse and the US record company Maverick Record sign a contract and record their first album'Showbiz'.

Muse, now had a following, and the print was great to continue this succes with new work. The Origins of Symmetry', their second recording session, was published in 2001 and was enthusiastically received. Muse became famous for the first case of hitsingles, a groundbreaking Nina Simone's'Feeling Good' covering and a living dvd'Hullabaloo'.

But it was only with their third album'Absolution' that we saw how the group got involved with a certain genre and became the super stars of the modern age. Single artists such as'Hysteria' and'Sing for Absolution', an amazing Glastonbury kit that won her the Brit Awards for'Best Live Act', and a major 2005 tour of the globe ensured Muse a place in the musical rank.

Since Maverick Records thought that Matt Bellamy's vocals were unsuitable for US radios, another 4 recordings would be made. Her 2006 album'Black Holes and Revelations' with the meanwhile renowned single'Knights of Cydonia' went into the top ten of the worldwide ranking and brought Muse on tour, which is still virtually intact.

This programme contained data for 2 years, on 5 mainstays, between 2006 and 2008. Another tour of the globe followed between 2009 and 2011 to promot their fifth recording Studioalbum entitled The Resistance 2009. Fewer than a year after completion, the group was back on the road from 2012 to 2014 to release their 6th record "The Second Law".

In those days Muse was the largest tour group in the whole wide globe. Throughout this difficult tour period Muse was successfully marketed as a powerful piece of business `Uprising' and `Undisclosed Desires' in 2009 and achieved the band's American and European successes. Neutron Star Collision ("Love is Forever" on the 2010 movie Twilight Eclipse" and the 2012 album "Madness" became their largest ever global smash and reached number 1 in the US Alternative Rock Charts.

By 2015 Muse released their brandnew seventh record entitled Drone's and embarked on another world tour that will be continued in 2017. As the Devonian guys take their Muse Tour 2018 to brighten the world' s stage, you can look forward to more hit and more dramatic lives.

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