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Muse/Muse is an British Teignmouth based Devon basedrockband founded in 1994. Their line-up is made up of Matt Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard. Founded in the early 90s under the name Gothic Plague, the group tirelessly worked with acts like Skunk Anansie, releasing their first EP' s to a faithful following and celebrating relatively success in the British indiens.

With this the group received the decisive support of Steve Lamacq and NME, their first LP'Showbiz' appeared in 1999 and recorded a relatively successful performance in the charts, but now they have been awarded the Platin certification in Great Britain to this day. Origin Of Symmetry' the group saw the step into the field of progressing skirt and created important single'New Born' &'Bliss'.

It was a catalyzer that Muse continued to bring to the next few years as he became a commercially and critically successful artist, with the following four records all leading the UK record chart and selling over 15 million records around the world. They performed their gigantic musical survey with the same ambition.

Famous for their touring, the group has won two Brit Awards for Best Live Act and sells venues and stadia around the world with ease. Oh, yeah. Over the years, they have become a legend on the festivals course with headliners Reading & Leeds, T in the Park and Glastonbury and have drawn a huge audience to their pyramidstage, which will be on in 2010.

Their latest album'The Resistance' conquered every corner of Great Britain, but the group won three Gramy nominees and a victory for the best rock record, allowing them their formal breakthrough into the USA. They also saw such a hugely respected figure at the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games in London with the release of their original single'Survival'.

This is a really amazing act, whose show and personality is as electric as his work. It was a pleasure for the group, but not for the show. Trust me, I've been to many shows internationally here in Argentina and Chile, and that was the first one I couldn't listen to the tunes.

At the start, everyone was nervous and jumped, but two tracks in which we realized that sometimes we couldn't hear: The sounds came and then went away again. This low noise remained throughout the whole show and destroyed tracks like Madness, which I could not listen to at all. Matte mistook Argentina for Uruguay and used his banner here.

About the show: The group got out a very good one, they didn't interact much with the audience, but given the video I've seen, they're just like that. It was the same set list as two nights ago in Chile, so there is nothing to regret, although we Argentinians are used to the fact that the groups here are playing more and more tracks or changing the set list a little more.

The muse was not the case. I' m still having a great quality of life and I'd definitely see this group again, especially as I don't think I've had the full amount of it. In the course of two decade-long years, Muse's show has developed into one of the most spectacular shows in the whole wide globe - an event worth four (!) DVD's since the Hullabaloo album was released in 2001.

In the early nineties, the band's path to fame was pushed by the great hit "Origin Of Symmetry" and "Absolution", a couple of albums that produced sold-out arenas shows all over the world. Since then Muse pour everything into her show. Ranging from giant satellites radiating skylight to giant, revolving columns, each tour provides something completely unpredictable and completely new.

Before every reference to the mad, mad talents on the scene. One of the few real rock stars of the present day, Matt Bellamy sits enthroned and stroked his guitars and delivered breathtaking falsetto voices. Although the group has been recruiting additional "Behind the Scenes" members in recent years, the amount of sound generated by the three pieces is still amazing.

Featuring Glastonbury and Coachella headliner spots - and pretty much everything else - under their belt, where to go for Muse now? The Devon three have since their 1994 reincarnation developed from a garages rocking group into a major act that has captured the world's greatest venues and celebrations with its spatially oriented apocalyptic popping skirt.

They have six records in their diskography, which doesn't seem like much to an artists who has achieved such a sacred fame as Muse, but it's what makes Matt Bellamy and Co. turn their work into a stage that keeps the audience thrilled. Suddenly, as the bassline rumbled and'Supremacy' started, the group appeared suddenly encircled by fire and fireworks as they waged a sun battle in their own heads.

A front man who is often compared to the deceased, great Freddie Mercury, Matt Bellamy is a front man, and after seeing him, one realizes that there is a serious emphasis behind these high demands. However big his audience may be, Matt tosses himself into every glowing instrument solos and flogging masses of people like no other.

As the final of'Knights Of Cydonia' begins, the crowd has given themselves entirely to the psychic, unreal worlds of Muse and hopes they will never come back. I' ve seen Muse several occasions over the years at various festival (Reading twice, V Festival, Download) and wanted to see her in her own show and I thought what a better place than London's O2 Arena.

Muse-muse was playing for 2 hrs with an impeccable achievement. Classical music like Plug In Baby, Stockholm Syndrome and the conclusion of the night with the infective Knights Of Cydonia as well as promotion tracks from the latest CD featuring them. Those in the floor areas and level 1 seem to be able to let go and have fun, but on the upper floor they really didn't know what to do at a skirt show when the crowd was still sitting, and I was even asked by the individual behind me to let me in.

Sadly, the big venues can produce the gamblers who are not used to what a skirt gig can be, but I will make up for this by saying that I should have been down if I really wanted to rocking. A great show of the group, disillusioned by the audience as a whole.

We' re from Houston to see Muse in Austin. I' ve had to miss their TX shows in the past because I didn't have the cash or the case, but this year I said I' dump it, I' m going to this show and I' m not missing it again. The sound was astonishing, the whole group is great.

It was really awesome with those piles of videoscreens in the background and they were tiered. All I had one complain was that I had purchased a real chair, but everyone was standing all the while, so it was kinda useless, but I'm happy I had something to rest on when I got too weary.

It' s been kind of difficult to see the group onstage because they were in the way, but I' m kind of brief, so....oh good. This was a very small grievance and nothing against Muse. Featuring the songs of their latest best-rock album Grammy champion "Drones", the set list also featured some classic songs such as "Plug In Baby", "Stockholm Syndrome" and an astonishing show by "Citizen Erased", a track from "Origin of Symmetry" that has been performed in recent years.

As such, the platform itself is worthy of praise, as it was supposed to turn while retaining a texture from which about ten UAVs came into the show and wandered a few metres over the audience. ellamy asked for help to sing the already classical "Time Is Running Out", as well as "Starlight" and the whole choir for "Uprising".

This is a great show that shows why they are currently among the best performing acts. You can see the round platform in the middle of the stadium, no matter where you stand or sit. Most of the tracks I wanted to listen to were on the set list (I only miss Stockholm Syndrome and Bliss).

Muse. The fact that Muse, namely Bellemy, was so strongly supported was certainly not questioned, but this appearance must be regarded as a total show. But, of course, all the tragedy doesn't mean anything unless you have the tracks to back it up, and the kid has them, and a tape to perform them with strength and dexterity.

Ranging from classic insoles to crazy spaghetti-western tonescapes to join in the singing of defianthyms? I' d seen Muse during their 2010 tour and knew they were good, but this gig was even better! Percussionist and basic musician, he rocks both the most favourite tracks from previous records and the tracks from the latest record (about 3/4).

I recommend you to experience Muse at least once in your lifetime for all those who want to experience this genuine, authentic and genuine style of music. Disconnect the flawless staging that could compete with Hollywood's most delicate screen, and you are still leaving behind with magic sparkle that will transcend neither place nor place but in a way that Muse could reach.

Drumming is dominated by Howard as if he would save the day with every single beating. Chris' control of the bassline is unmistakeable and incomparable. I' ve seen over 300 artists on stage, they are still one of the best gigs (visually AND sonically), it's one of my favorite concerts of alltimes.

A muse show puts you in a different state of consciousness. I' ve got a pass to the Muse concert at the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow. I was definitely struck by them as a life act and they supported everything I had learned about the qualities of their shows. There' s also a good interplay between the tracks, which is good to keep the audience going.

I' ll definitely see her at a bigger location next opportunity. You just get the best group of the minute to Chile. The concentration on the tunes, the fact that the group is able to perform exactly the same way as on the vinyl, and to show the same emotion that we were used to seeing only on the DVD's, is the price.

All I was missing were a few tracks like Singfor Absolution and Bliss. EMAGHERD MUSE - This was the first case I saw MUSE, they don't come to Wpg M. B. Canada, where I come from. They have pictures from this planet, the sounds in the Hallon Stadium in Zurich were crystalline.

It sounds a billionfold better than their audiobooks (that's possible!.....) I was totally blew away, the show they put on is totally awesome! I' d see her anytime I could. BLOGGET: MUSE: The Drone Tour raises the standard. It is Muse, so as you would expect, a thousand folks around you shook their head, clapped and sang together.

A thank-you to the versatility of the KeyArena platform - each show is one of a kind there. Truthfulness, the show's techical aspect was good, the group itself wasn't there. Doing a show doesn't mean pretending to be singing or playing drums, even if you record it in advance. They' ve got great show and great show and great stuff, but it doesn't look too awful for the group.

The show exceeded my wildest expectations: in the opening act an unexpected Belgian group The Van Jets, which did very well. Muse's show was extraterrestrial: whoever was there will not forget this performance, whoever was not there made the wrong choice! When I saw her for the first real performance the previous morning, I knew that I had to be in the front line, no matter what....

Anyone who has seen them will know what I am speaking about and even more so those who are fortunate enough to have seen the Drones World Tour. Even though they didn't do any of my favourite Origin of Symmetry, it was still the best show I've ever seen.

It was a good set list, Matthew Bellamy's performance was exhilarating, and they succeeded in getting the whole audience going with some astonishingly time controlled performances and guitar/drumsiffs.

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