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Official music video of Starlight (US version). The 15 best songs Founded in 1994 in Devon, England, it took almost a ten year period until the progrocker muse broke through the United States. In spite of early comparison with Radiohead, Muse's blend of Apocalyptic images and Sci-Fi guitars continued, and by the early 2000s the group had become one of the largest global bands.

There have been many similarities between Muse and The Killers! Split your Killers here!

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Top songs from the UK based pop group Muse, as chosen by audiences like you. There are no acts more epochal or aggressive than Muse, with songs like "Knights of Cydonia" and "Stockholm Syndrome" that are both engaging and beating. Musikvideos and Audio-Videos are contained beside each title name, so if you haven't listened to a particular title, you can hear it right here on this page.

Any of your muse songs missed in this survey? Put it on the top of the league table so it has a shot at the top. When the order of this checklist disturbs you, ignite the whole wide globe by building your own release and reclassifying it. Just click the Rank List-button and you can place the songs in any order.

Top 50 Muse Songs (Right now) - DakotaDoney

The Muse is my favourite group of all times, and I think this schedule is proof of that. Initially I had planned to make a Top 10 or Top 20, but I just kept adding more track until they rose to 50. Anyway, my emotions about muse songs changed dramatically over the years.

So for example, at least half of the songs in the top 10 would not have been there a year ago, and if I decide to put that back in a year, it would look very different. Anyway, every track on this schedule would get a 10/10 if I were to rate it, the variations they see on my schedules, not because of artists' mistakes, but because of my own preference.

I will keep most of the description relatively short because this is such a long time. In addition, I have added video of the songs under each item. There are some that include my favourite songs in my living performances, others are fascinating musical video, and still others are just the sound, so you can concentrate on the work.

The majority of choices have been carefully selected, so if you have the spare moment, I suggest you listen to some of them that will arouse your interest. And if you are interested in more Muse contents, click here to see my rankings of all Muse album. Asamed is a sound all around track, but the true purpose why he is here is that he has my favourite music style reiff of all times to finish it.

They don't just do it a few rounds - they go crazy - change drums and variation until you' re full of it. It is a perfect example of how an unrestrained muse can ring. You must have liked the reef too, because you've applied it many a time to showbiz gigs performed directly, even though there's only one incredibly bad online movie where you get to see Ashamed fully.

You would think it would be hard for a versatile group like Muse to be still in shock after so much of their work, but when I listened to the Arabic coloured main role during the choir section, I was amazed (in a good way). Although it doesn't contain the beautiful poslude section, I think this concert will do the tune justice and more.

Definitely conceived for a concert band, it went off very well. Alftermath has one of my favourite musical clips that Muse has ever released, which unfortunately doesn't say much because most of them are at best overwhelming. In the beginning I didn't really appreciate this song too much, but after I listened a few more time, there were many small things I began to uncover.

Probably my favourite times are the introduction to guitar and the solos. Though the parts are easy, both are performed with such perfect craftsmanship and a deliberate desire to select the best sound for the guitars. For me, the double bass and the string complete the adventure in one of my favourite pieces of the muse.

Many will be shocked to see this tune here as it is the ultimate favourite with fans of their album. There is no difference in my opinion that it is a phenomenonal and almost perfectly done track, I just think that other muse songs are even more enjoyable and appealing to me as well. An exception to this feeling is certainly both guitars in the songs - one after the first refrain and then the later one.

Listening to the guitarsolo described as an aeroplane taking off, I couldn't consent anymore. It' s an exciting episode and it's too shame they didn't perform it when I saw them there. It is one of the sleeping lanes that many see forgotten, and I just can't comprehend why.

robot-like voices that sing "We are lost control" are spooky, the raiffs are killers, the tunes are rising, and the track contains a lot of inexorable changes. All of this culminates in the last moment of the track, where it turns into one of the most poignant muses songs, and even more must listen to this brillant work.

It is the Spanish style guitars, the memorable bassline and the ultimate blast of sounds that make up this one. Matt Bellamy made the hard sounds towards the end of the track that remind me of a guitarsolo. To hear him ripple his vocals like a guitars is what gave me a greater esteem for this tune, beyond the wonder it has already given and earned.

I' m thinking In Your Worlds as Baby The Handler, that's one of my favourite muse songs of all times. There is a similar hitch as the solos to the latter, and the choir is indisputably intuitive. And the best part of this track is the guitarsolo, and justifiably so.

It' one of the best Matt has ever composed and he plays it immaculately on stage, but I have a feeling that folks miss the other quality Invincible has to provide because the solos are so iconical. Probably the most technical one Muse has ever received, especially at the beginning of her carrier.

Accords used in Space Dementia are very progressively evolving, and the tune evolves into an explosive blast of guitars, basses and synths that no other muse tracks can match. Neutron Star Collision is probably the most contentious title on the roster and is a deeply polarising one.

The majority of those who are enthusiastic supporters of Muse scorn the song, and although I appreciate their grievances, I don't accept any problems with them at all. At first most folks I show the song to, myself included, don't think it's very specific, but the more I hear it, the more I find it singular and commendable.

Matt' s singing and his works for solo pianos glow through, and the end of the tracks sound like the embodiment of the name. It' an epic dystopic tracking - no question about it. Though I generally favor the studio/acoustic guitars in general, I think this stage has chosen the most suitable entry point.

Even though the pianoforte is a little less convincing for me myself, both have their pros and cons and it's nice to see that a group has two good qualities that they can extract at any moment during a gig. Absolutely the best moment of this songs are the guided tour immediately after the first choir, the solos and the sing-along.

One of the best basslines Muse has to show and all three of them give us one of my favourites of her early works. Perhaps this is the muse tune with the highest crude ore. Hypermusic was actually in my top 10 muse songs before, but I may have overplayed it at this point.

Until today it is one of my favorites with which I still enjoy playing guitars. This, together with Matt's Keytar, was what put this high on my own personally album. Almost wish they had inserted the synth intro into the real album because it sounded so great there. Thats probably the part where I get hard-core museum enthusiasts who beat me for having foolish opinions. What's more, I'm not afraid of the world.

However, I invite you to hear the instrumentality of this soundtrack. Then hear the whole tune again, with an open spirit, and tell me it still craps. It' s a great multilevel greats. However, what takes it to an even higher standard is the use of the Matt' s son' s pulse at the opening of the course.

So the only logic why muse lovers should scorn this track would be the fact that the guitars are at best minimum, but if a track is good, does it really care which instrument is used? Throughout her entire careers, Muse has been experimenting, and I think this is one of her best efforts.

It was the explosives that drove them to this place, and I don't think I'll ever have enough of it. It' also one of my favourite musical clips from them, and definitely doesn't ring like anything else they've done. I' m really surprised that this is not much higher on my roster than how much I like it, but I suppose I still like the others more.

It is my go-to-training track, which is suitable because it was partly written as the 2012 Olympics of the title track. It' inspirational and energising, and the 2:20 mix is my favourite sound I've ever listened to. It struck me that I didn't mention Bellamy's singing too much in this listing, but Survival definitely earns a reputation.

During the whole tune he plays laughable sounds that culminate in an incomparable roar to finish the tune. It' s like a Bond thing on a steroid. You tune the guitars to dropping A and the reef is headband worth. It was Chris who was busted with the recording and said that, at least at the moment, it was his favourite piece to perform because he thought the reef was so mighty and I couldn't approve any more.

It' s an amazing movie style tune, and I`m hoping that one of these days it`ll be recorded in a Bond movie. It was present on other songs on absolution, like Hysteria, but Time Is Running Out marks the time when Chris really began to take on his part as a celebrity and leader bass player of contemporary soundtrack.

Naturally, the base in this tune isn't that hard to get to grips with, but the sounds it created through creativity have made the tune so distinctive. In fact, they were able to perform a 5/4 tune that used alternating bar types during the bridging. It also contains some of the best muse chords in their entire catalogue.

Definitely this could not have been added to the playlist if I just counted their session number. My opinion was that the mixture was very faint and the guitars undervalued. With the additional outer in this release, in addition to a more powerful guitarsound, there was no way that this track wouldn't make it on the album.

I' d like to see this one play but it' s unlikely to be one of so many songs. Before I saw it in this videotape, I definitely valued the track, but the mixing is so good that it even surpasses the great session versions on stage. Absolution, as I have already said, marks the point at which Chris entered his roles as the definition of Muse's pioneering sound and hysteria is the culmination of this experience.

And I think the guitars in this special release are better than all the others, and I've seen a dozen of them. There is a good explanation why this track has been in demand at every show for over a century. With the top half of the schedule now in place, most of the songs are the ones I listen to a lot these days.

However, with the rest of the track I haven't even come nearly so far as to exaggerate them, the first of which is the Unnatural Selection. They use the rhythmic powers of songs like New Born, but add a central decoding that takes the songs in a completely different sound direction. Some of the best parts of this track are the breaking of the guitars towards the center and the outer, which has one of my favourite musiciffs.

It' another one I would like to see alive, but wouldn't want to see. One of her most beautiful songs is Untintended. It' s very minimalistic, but it takes full benefit of it by adapting to Bellamy's vocals... The track could be played just as efficiently if it were just Matt on his guitars, but the extra guitars emphasize what is already perfectly without diverting the attention.

No doubt I love the intro in this tune. Actually Uno was one of the first songs Matt ever composed. He said he was about 17 years old at the onset. Honestly, when I first listened to this track, I didn't get the message. As many muse songs it develops into one of the most grandiose songs ever developed, which you couldn't have foreseen by hearing the first 30 seconds.

Usually folks like to recall the past, so the track that began it all must have been very moving for many a fan. Similar to Unintended, I love the accords used in this track, but the downside is that this track is more string oriented. That makes the track a bit smoother, I think, which can make it a lot more efficient, but who knows.

It' another railroad, like many on the second law I see when folks are overflying. It' s clear that it is partly characterized by being composed and chanted by Chris, and I think there was a touch of creative muse she didn't know needed.

The first thing I learnt was this reiff when I seriously tried to improve my playing the guitars. Then it was treacherously tricky, because although it may sound like it's going to happen again, it really doesn't. All in all it's one of their funniest songs you can perform and join in singing. Opening this record is incredibly tough for a funny one.

This was their largest project in popular music at the start, and the amount of interest they achieved was undoubtedly the reason they moved in that vein. Muse' choir contains some of the best singing tunes and superimposes them on top of each other. It' s almost not possible not to be part of this tune, and the Wembley makes it even better.

When Muse wasn't experimentally enough, they put in an 80's pop/rock jazz in The Second Law, hell with it, and it was totally worth it. It'?s a tune that always gets things going. It' definitely an unforgettable and outstanding piece, which is difficult to do for such a versatile group.

Yes, I am well conscious that I choose some of their more pop songs. I' ll do this during the other 15 songs as well, so be ready! Seriously, many of their favorite tunes are loved for good reasons. Madness is a totally singular use of the low frequencies that is manifested wonderfully well.

When you haven't seen a real life tune of this track, I strongly suggest it because the double bottom Chris uses is fascinating. Continuing his experiments for a decades after working on his own unparalleled Hysteria and Time is running out base sound. And all that without even naming the best part of the album.

This has a great low end, great playing the keyboard and guitars and is one of the most popular songs. It' s the epitome of singing along. Not that I would necessarily call this a " slower " but it is definitely damped for a longer part of its life. When I first listened to this instant, I was almost in shock and then immediately went to start playing it again.

There is no question that such songs never become hit songs, and Muse knew it, but they still built it in. I have seen a relatively amount of contempt for this track, mainly due to the frenzy that devoured it before its launch. By far this is the best work Bellamy has ever done on a guitarset.

Just the solos are enough to put it on my roster and join the ACDC-inspired pre-chorus and the disastrous retro, and you have the flawless formula for a tough muse tune. And the last one before the Top 10 is another one that many folks can't bear. Whilst in some cases I am able to handle a complaint about MuseTracks, I cannot do this at all.

It' another movie trip, but in a more appealing outfit. I' m always a favourite for the race course as the precorus with the fighting vocals is exciting. It is one of the hardest reefs Muse has ever wrote, and it's no wonder why it's a favourite with fans.

With the exception of the Drill Sergeant intro, which is not part of the real thing, I like Psycho. Almost everything I like about muse is here. And the only major objection would be that I think the route is taking a little too long. I think after the first collapse they could have gone into a choir of their own and a choir of their own instead of going into a choir, then into a choir of their own and then into a choir of their own.

Anyway, I would describe this as one of the funniest muse songs, to my surprise. It' s a perfect mix, and I can't think of a better way for Muse to bring her own personality to the music world. It' s a powerful and scary track while containing synthetic basso and lead. It' s almost as if Muse had taken everything that made her singular and transferred it to another screen/genre in a perfect way.

Basically this one is the incarnation of why I'm not concerned about Muse and her upcoming work. Section 3 is one of the few slow songs that keep it so high on my roster. Though I like Muse, no mater in which kind they experiment, I can't help but prefer their collection with flooding force.

Certainly this one is an exceptional one, with very few vocals at all. That could be the most surprising tune they' ve ever heard - and believe me, I do. Not that I expected to love this so much, but after hearing the instruments a few gigs and thinking about all their stuff for a few years, I think that this must be their best slower one.

It' s penetrating and deep, but at the same the structure is so beautiful. It' one of the few me experiences with modulation that I thought worked perfect, and I really enjoy singing alone. All about this is fantastic, and I sincerely expect that some of their upcoming project will contain more such works.

It' become the ultimate muse tune, containing pompous sounds, synthetic sounds and everything in between. It' s a very spectacular hybrid movie, the introduction they are doing on stage is awesome, and I don't think I saw a lot of people reacting to that with anything other than total excitement, and for good reasons.

Almost the main feature of any show must be to scream out the texts just before they explode into the classicaliff. You' ll probably be able to distinguish from the following tunes that were chosen for the first three, but if you couldn't already, my favourite muse is serious muse. In addition, they have a tendency to tackle minute and aberration effects of guitar parts after the end of the track, making him an unbeatable number 4 companion.

One of my favourites is the solos, although it repeats itself a bit. That was the one that brought me to Muse. I' d of course already listened to some of the songs, like Madness and Uprising, but when I searched their catalogue to find this jewel, I knew immediately that I had to hear every individual track they had ever made.

It' s my favourite for every one of their songs, and it peaks in a gigantic reef that lasts the whole duration. Meanwhile, there is a seamless transition between keyboard and guitars, and Bellamy's solos are much better than the recording one. I' m actually going to start my own group and one of the songs I know I really want to covert is this one.

This, along with the next to mention tracks, is as obscure as Muse, at least in tone. The 6/4 meter in the verse is very much appreciated, and the end reeds are monumental. 6/4 is a very good one. And Bellamy probably gives one of his best singing accomplishments in a few of his life excursions on this song, one of which involves Hullabaloo, which I have above for you.

Yes, a drone tune that everyone seems to be ignoring is my ultimate, undeniable muse tune of all times. It was difficult to select all the items on this shortlist, with the exception of number two and number one, the latter being the simpler one. It'?s a strong track from beginning to end.

Instrumental basses and guitars work together to produce an incomparable, boomy, thick structure that leads us to the precchor. Once they have finished the second choir, they violate the rule of what can be done in a given track by deciding to loops the same strange guitars and the same bassline and simultaneously shift the drums beats a few-fold.

It gives the tune infinite power as we canter through the remainder of the album. It' perhaps their darkiest ever tune, and the visually images that accompany their lyrical videos seem to awaken similar feelings. It' s the contexts this title has in the story, the meaning of each member in the story and the way it is produced that make it my favourite tune of the muse.

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