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Check out Muse 2017 Australia tour dates, venues, concert tickets, seating plans, advance booking information and prices. Muse-Tickets | 2017 Muse & 30 Seconds To Mars Tour Sorry, but we don't have Muse tickets available. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates/alerts as soon as tickets become available. To talk to one of our support professionals, please call 1-800-918-2612 or talk to us firsthand. At the moment there are no Muse tickets for tickets for sale.

Since new Muse tickets are always available, please visit us regularly. Muse/Muse is an British skirtband that has been playing since 1994. The ensemble is made up of vocalist and keyboarder Matt Bellamy, bassist Christopher Wolstenholme and percussionist Dominic Howard, although all three are gifted multi-instrumentalists. Between 1995 and 2015 Muse has released over 17 million records and singles all over the world.

Bellamy and Howard initially had a group named Gothic Plague, which they later renamed Fixed Penalty and later Rocket Baby Dolls. When they won a big fight, the group eventually turned their name into Muse. The name of their first record was Showbiz and it was published in 1998.

Origin of Symmetry was published in 2001. Soon thereafter Hullabaloo appeared together with a B-side CD with new tracks like "In Your World" and "Dead Star". After the publication of Absolution Muse went on an extensive tour around the globe. Following further tours and headliner celebrations around the globe, Muse published her fifth recording with The Resistance in 2009.

Muse started the second Law World Tour in 2013 and published her Drones in 2014. Muse-Muse are known for their full of power and inspiration with catching music. Matt-Bellamy's strong vocal and the band's dynamic and full of energie present on stages stand out especially at a muse gig.

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Muse/Muse will spend the summers on a co-headliner trip with Thirty Seconds to Mars. Muse Die et Trente Seconds To Mars starts im Mai in West Palm Beach und trifft St├Ądte wie Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, Austin, Kansas City, St. Louis, Charlotte, Toronto, Mountainview et Salt Lake City.

It will also visit the notorious Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver in September.

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