Muse the Brain Sensing Headband

Muse the Brain Sensing Headband

The Muse is a portable headband with brain sensors. Measures your brain activity with the help of EEG sensors (electroencephalography). The Muse is a portable headband with brain sensors. The muse app is used in conjunction with Muse:

Brain Sensing Headband, black

What I wanted was something that would show where I am in science: Betas, alfa, theta, etc. For the first 4 month (almost 50 hrs mediation time) I "trained" with the free app. Plug the headset into your mobile telephone (switch it on in plane modus to avoid receiving notifications) and paired with it.

It rains and winds, but when you calm your spirit, the breeze calms down. More peace and the rains will stop. Any more silence and it'll be silent. Any more silence and you'll be able to listen to the birdsong. When you see the chirps and think about it, the rains come back, when you still think about it, the winds come back, and so on.

Now you need to calm your spirit. Do you know how fast your brain is starting to move? Now you might think, birdsong is low alphabet, silence is alphabet, tempest is betas, but no.

At the time of this text being written (May 2018), how the application works, a base line is calibrated for the entire meeting. So, if your spirit is working in the base line, if you calm down for the retreat, you will get many birds' points. When your spirit is calm during the adjustment, you will have a turbulent meeting no matter how calm your spirit really becomes.

I' m not saying it wasn't REALLY useful, it's just that there's no science to have the same brain condition when calibrating, so it's confined and very susceptible to poor quality information for most humans. Imagine my brainwaves (all information from the MUSE device) in Microsoft Word or your website will display it.

I had the NeruoSky in front of this machine, but it was awfully unpleasant and you couldn't carry it laying down. MUSE is absolutely convenient, without cables (BT) and straps adjustably. MUSE' development site is also well-documented, so if you want to use the unit for the users, you'll find a good home here.

So, yeah, all in all, I really like this machine. Wish there were more instructions for interpreting the rough dates. At the time of posting this review, there are NO easy instructions and policies on how to interprete the information.

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