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Muse Technologies, Inc. company research & investment information. The Muse Technologies enables its users to develop and execute software programs and import data into a multisensory environment. The May/June cover of Federal Computer Week was covered by Linda Cureton, CEO of Muse Technologies.

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Muse. With our regulatory and industrial capabilities, we ensure that we offer our customers tailored leadership, technology and manageability that help them break down barriers and achieve results. Our customers benefit from a fast responding and highly motivated managerial staff with extensive knowledge and know-how..... Our consultancy service supports companies throughout the whole life cycle of the transition.......

We provide integrated and strategy roadmaps to strengthen our clients' management skills in their key businesses..... The muse is on the move. We are proud to share our management know-how by presenting at many meetings and meetings.......

Cureton Linda Y., Managing Director and Founder

She has more than thirty-four years of comprehensive German government ministry expertise, with a solid history in information technology leadership, including German cabinet-level CIO. Ms. Cureton is known as a strategical Innovator and thought pioneer and has a demonstrated capacity to design and implement projects that fit the strategical requirements of the company.

It is results-driven and focussed and delivers crucial business value through the effective deployment and maintenance of nation-wide security infrastructure, business suites, large datacenters and networking..... Mr. Cureton is a pensioned national board member with almost 38 years of excellent professional and professional practice for the German government, with an increasing amount of leadership expertise in the area of information technology.

Comprehensive general and engineering service administration expertise in an area of high responsibility and business-critical execution. Convincing and powerful, with a range of managerial qualities for high-qualified technicians. Mr. Cureton has boldly and decisively made important choices for important operating system..... Ms. Knox has more than thirty years of managerial expertise in a responsible business environmen.

It has led grants programmes for a college that ensures the crucial administration of government and personal assets. Ms. Knox has designed and implemented a number of key procedures to ensure the maintenance of the company's reputation for reliability, compliance with generally recognized financial reporting standards and standards..... Mr. Watson is an expert technology and project manager with over twenty years of project leadership combined with expert knowledge in managing, analyzing and financing to deliver results-driven software and services to discerning clients.

His in-depth understanding of Agile, PMBOK and Six Sigma methods enables him to develop cutting-edge collaborative businesses for in-house and outside customers..... Dr. Harrison has more than 25 years of engineering and programme managment expertise. He is a powerful strategical leader and supervisor with the capability to administer sophisticated matrix structure, company-wide programmes and sophisticated trading environments to meet the needs of government agencies and companies.....

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