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The term streaming media refers to the real-time transmission of audio and video over the Internet. So if you're a Muse fan, do it now. Simplified 4K Ultra HD and HD TV viewing with Seiki Muse Streaming Medium

Muse provides easy and instant acces to streaming content such as Netflix?, YouTube?, VUDU?, Toon Googles?, Pandora and AccuWeather - with less complex and without the costs associated with smart TV functions or set-top box. The new Seiki Pro 4K Ultra HD Connect TV sets in 40 ", 50", 55" and 65" screens are scheduled for the second quarter of 2015.

Muse HD TVs will be available in 32", 40", 42", 43", 50", 55" and 65" screens by the 1st quarter of 2015. "Sung Choi, Seiki Muse's VP of Sale and M & M, says: "Seiki Muse provides just what it takes to make the streaming multimedia enjoyment more convenient for today's TV shoppers. "The Muse product was designed and introduced for Seiki Pro 4K Ultra HD Connect and Seiki HD televisions without significantly raising the costs of streaming films, TV programs and software.

Seiki Pro 4K Ultra HD Connect TV with Muse will be presented for the first the International CES 2015 (January 6 - 9). The Seiki and Seiki Pro brands will be presented at The Venetian Exhibit Suites. Features for the Seiki Pro 4K Ultra HD Connection and Seiki HD TV Muse models:

eiki Muse Streaming Media TV will be available through stores and on-line stores, and recommended retailer prices will be published later. For an uncomplicated, dependable and affordable way to enjoy your favorite music. With a one-year replacements guarantee, the company sells a complete line of high-resolution 4K Ultra and Full 1080p resolution LEDs.

The Seiki 4K Ultra HD TV was awarded the 9th edition of the 2009 NOPULAR MECHANICS' Breakthrough Award as one of the 10 best HD TVs that set the standard in terms of technology and styling today. They also market an audiophile line that comprises multi-channel stereosound bars and Bluetooth® handheld-speakers.

You can purchase your product at selected authorised local in-store and on-line resellers. More information about the company and the full listing of our US trading partner can be found at

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