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We' re storytellers who have a positive influence on society. The StoryMuse trainings are workshops where I train others in the art of telling their own stories. Though none of the Muses have their own extensive mythology, many of them are contained in the stories of the great deities. Well-told stories at the right time can really change the world. This happened when Patrick Moreau of Stillmotion and Muse Storytelling approached me with the idea of telling the story of Shane and Lydia.

The story is found, developed and then brought to live in an emotional movie.

The story is found, developed and then brought to live in an emotional movie. Strengthen your teams with the skills to better understand and interact through storytelling. Tailor-made story trainings and workshop for your group. This is an everlasting experiment in which 30 directors find, design and put into practice the best movie they have ever made.

An accurate on-line course that will teach the art of story telling and enable you to develop the creativity of all your upcoming film.

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The StoryMuse training is a class where I train others in the ability to tell their own story. In the face of everything that is going on in the modern day life, I am becoming more and more impassioned about assisting others to tell their story. My first Tech studio in November. It is my pleasure to get students to mate and tell tales.

Then we' re sharing tales with the whole group. Speak about the essence of a good story. Quotations from attendees & partners: Prices for workshops: I can offer you the best prices and I look forward to working with you. The prices for the workshops depend on the number of attendees, budgets and contexts.

In case you are interested in a seminar or a residence, please do not hesistate to contact us.

The story is based on 4 columns

We' d like you to understand the basics of history - the 4 columns and the roles that each one has. The Muse is based on the 4 columns of history. Humans, places, purpose and action. Our goal is to maximise each of these 4 columns in each story we tell.

Humans are the personalities in our story that give our audiences someone to identify with. Humans associate with humans. Therefore, we can use the concept of empathy to move our audiences. The place is where your story happens. It' the story in the real world. More than just a setting, Place is a way to let your story talk for itself, to show the genuineness of your personality and to promote the confidence of the public.

Aim is what your story tells the public. It' what the spectator should take away from the story. With a clearly delineated goal, you adopt a clear visions that will resonate throughout your entire group. The plot is the texture of your story. Allows you to maximise the effect of your story by building an emotive bow.

The 4 columns are combined with the objectives of connectivity, authentication, meaning and commitment. It' about connecting, Place brings us together, Purpose gives us something meaningful, and Plot keeps us busy. The Muse is based on the assumption of guiding the soul to move the spirit. Each of the 4 columns work together to enable our listeners to relate, believe and deal with our history until the end, where they are touched and influenced by our goal.

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