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The Muse are an English alternative rock band from Teignmouth, Devon. Mike Skinner on the "Uprising" B-side "Who Knows Who". The Muse Fans Credit: Rex Features. On the other hand, Muse has so many good songs.

Best 20 Muse Songs - as chosen by you

Glamorous moments from the 2006 blacks and revelations, "Starlight" was one of the first indications of Muse's contemporary glamour. Muse' greatest song,'Sing For Absolution', is a anthem to a moribund mankind, although Muse's own efforts to rescue the humans ran into a really costly tape where they stormed off to inhabit another globe just to fall on a barren earth.

Musician Muse took Nina Simone's delicate mental energetic energizer with her to a beautiful new date - a kind of 60's "One Days Like This" - and filled her so full of preparing preparative bob shock that she really felt pretty brillant. After Muse had postponed the production of'Black Holes And Revelations' from Chateau Miraval in country France to Manhattan, Muse started the club debut in good order to make'Supermassive Black Hole' seem like Prince Crystal Castles would join.

Origin Of Symmetry", at which point it became clear that Muse was turning into a newer and more stylish kind of pop group, is "Space Dementia" a changing, multi-part progressive song, featuring floating intersections, perfume-adequate piano and a code of walking mechanical mammoth. Similar to "Vegetable", which may appear in a roster of twenty of Radiohead's best songs, but the cover song of the début record - a breeding tune in which Muse found her noisy legs - is also dignified for its place.

Matt' s "Masterpiece of Absolution", which presented Matt's inner pianists and erupted from one of the most elegantly contemporary classic skirts, for a touch of virtuosic ivory flapping that would make Rachmaninov's trousers dirty. In the 2006 Schwarzen Lochern and Offenbarungen, Muse ventured into the realm of electronic god dess pop, not least on the Depeche Modus-like "Map Of The Problematique," a melody about how - as a consequence of demographic expansion, loss of power, and dwindling resource - one must probably one Day consume one's mother's body to live.

This " Absolute Resolution " climax, the crème of the absolute popular numbers of Muse, was a blast from the night club at the end of the world. Citizen Erased' was the seven-minute heart of the record and one of Muse's best early operatic jewelry, completed by a top ten top ten trio of originals...' track. It' traditional the time at muse shows where all "ooh! Balloons!

Imagine a matrix futur from the Origin... record and a perfect example of Muse's casual trick of swaying you into a feeling of clanking quietness and then pounding on the Vocanic Feedback footpedal, hold you down and hit you in the face with a reef piston until you look like Anne Widdecombe's ass.

Plug In Baby', for those listeners the best 00' year old skirt track, was the place where the muse of Origin Of Symmetry' reached hyper speed on the back of a straight Olympus blasted reef and tick that made crushing foes and unwiring "unbroken virginal realities" (i.e. laying?) sounds amazing.

Stockholm Syndrome' - with the actual syndrome of hijackers who fall in love with their kidnappers as a methaphor for a disfunctional relation - consists of verse from heads-down shutdding to a choir that breaks out of the ribbon like the breast ray at the end of The Fifth Element.

Matt Bellamy from the other end of a pop-metal worm-hole is crying as Muse's greatest favorite from 2003'Absolution', grating and chequering in a surge of titanium electric base and reef, energized like a cask of helium-3.

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