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Muse's sound spectacle opens Lisbon's Rock In Rio 2018 Muse-opened Rock In Rio 2018 in Lisbon last evening (June 23) with a burning kit that was free of its hallmark, the creation of a gimmicky, but full of hi-octane rock spec. The threesome went on to the same scene without an introduction reel, which contained just a drum kit, keyboards and minimum videotapes, and provided an all-powerful, cross-career setting that easily affirmed its position as the biggest rock group.

With their latest single'Thought Contagion' Muse have stacked up to an early series of monomer hits, including'Psycho' from their latest'Drones' record and classic fan'Hysteria' and'Plug In Baby', with a riff of rhymes from and AC/DC's'Back In Black' between tracks as Matt Bellamy stalked his guitars like a bickering ax across the edge of egos.

The'isolated System', lead by percussionist Dom Howard on electronical drum kit, contained a touch of Android-Glam-Rock in the form of the current single'Dig Down'. Muse then raged with'Resistance','Supermassive Black Hole' and'Stockholm Syndrome', with Matt in full freak-out-modus, threw in the five-part chorus of the song Played with his reed the built-in bright Kaoss-Pad of his guitars and fired a torrent on his knee before he stepped his guitars over the floor.

Last part of the feature was focused on her more pop scenes, with Matt wear his infamous pair of videos with the text during'Madness' and while'Starlight' ran to a subsidiary stage when lunar bullets were launched. Take A Bow" showed the admonition of calumnies as Matt walked out of the audience to perform the first "revolutionary choir of rebellion".

On the first of the Rock In Rio days - a Rio De Janeiro based in 1985 and since then in Lisbon, Madrid and Las Vegas - Portuguese rock idol champion Diogo PiƧarra opened the major stages with a brilliant R&B and intensive RAVPOP, a platform full of flag-waving dance and spotlights by locals Marco Rodrigues and the Brasilian folk-pop couple Anavitoria.

And Haim finished the worldwide concert touring of last year's second album'Something To Tell You' on the Rock In Rio central platform, where the band entered the scene with a Brasilian drums rap before starting into an hours of stirring countrypop, Fleetwood Mac rock band and R&B music. Basstille provided the major assistance by playing a new track called'Quarter Past Midnight' next to'Pompeii','Things We Love In The Fire' and'Of The Night' her mix of SNAP!

This two-week event will continue today (24 June) with a news item by Bruno Mars and appearances by Demi Lovato, Anitta and Agir. Next week-end we will continue with Katy Perry and The Killers headlines.

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