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Find out what the MUSE Open team has been working on and what you can expect at the start of MUSE Open. Workouts are unattended and suitable for professionals and pros to refine their skills. MUSE Project -- MAUSEOpen It is our aim to make Open Access abstracts (OA monographs) visual, searchable and potentially transformable in a strongly diverse computing world. Here you will find everything you need to know about MUSE access, whether you are a member, a contributor, an editor or someone in between. Adherence to Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act is assessed using the Voluntary Product Access Template (VPAT).

Adherence to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 is assessed using the WCAG 2.0 check list. The MUSE project complies with the AA WCAG 2.0 conformity standard. You can find further information on our WCAG 2.0 check list here.

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The MUSE project provides Open access publications and periodicals from various renowned academic and academic institutions. Our Open Accessibility Hosted programmes enable us to provide publishing houses with a plattform for their Open Accesss contents that guarantees transparency, findability and widespread distribution. They are open to the public by library and user all over the globe.

There are a number of promotional activities such as Knowledge Unlatched, NEH Humanities Open Book Grants, TOME and customized publishing series. The MUSE Open project, an Mellon Foundation sponsored project, allows Project MUSE to disseminate select Open Access-book in browser-native HTML5 formats with extended functions.

There are many more PDF documents available. Editors of the book shall define the license conditions under which the book is made available. The book can be changed to MUSE of OA for a fee at the publishing house's application. A number of previously purchased book (s) in a collection may become OA; these items are shipped with their initial collection(s) but are no longer priced for sale in the near term.

Please use the following shortcuts to get the playlist, the KBART files and the MARC records for the Open Account books:

OA books: MUSE Project announces the launch of MUSE Open; more than 550 social science and humanities books are now available to all.

Excerpt from today's project MUSE announcement: The MUSE project is proud to announce that over 550 academic and scholarly works from several renowned academic publishing houses are available on our website as Open Acces ("OA"). They are made available with the approval of their publishing houses and are open to library and user communities around the globe.

OA publications can be browse and browse for all contents on the MUSE website using the same set of utilities and appear in the results of searches alongside MUSE periodicals and works already in the possession of the member library. There is no need for registered or logged in visitors to read the literature and - like all OA publications on MUSE - Open Account publications are available in a DRM-free download and print free file formats.

Publishing houses with Open access textbooks on MUSE includes Cornell Utah State Utah Press, Utah Press Utah Uteachers, Ottawa Press, Michigan Press Uteachers, Ohio State Unteachers Press, Colorado Press Uteachers, Leiden Press and Brandeis Press Uteach. They have been made accessible through a wide range of tools, among them collaboration projects such as Knowledge Unlatched, sponsored programmes such as NEH's Humanities Open Book and publishing partnership with their academic library or other institutions oncushion.

In order to support libaries that want to make the MUSE Open Accessibility manuals easier for their library members to find, MUSE provides a free MARC dataset for download. The MUSE will also work with search engines to deliver meta data for a bundle of MUSE Open Accessible works so that they can be readily enabled.

Portico keeps all freely accessible works as well as all works about MUSE.

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