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MUSES' goal is to offer music fans the best sound with our groundbreaking technology. This project focuses on a playful and experimental musical universe, which we call The Muse-Verse. Official MUSES website "There are some semiconductor devices that are needed for the accurate transfer of audiosignals in audiosystems. These are very important factors that influence the value of your digital music. Tracking the numbers given in the catalog would be one of the guidelines for selecting semiconductor devices on the open com-pany.

At the same time we have been looking for more than just bacon numbers, but we have an influence on the emotions of all fans of classical guitarism. Of course, the outstanding sound quality has been designed to meet the needs of people without value for money, without the need for massproduction and without the core of the technology.

This was the birth of the ultimative semi-conductor devices for all metalheads. Göttinnen des griechischen Mythos inspirational score, dancing, poetry, literary and literary works and witisdom MUSES-New Japan Radio opens a universe of devices. MUSES' FLAGSHIP model is a new, high-quality line of solid-state devices that includes all the technology of today's leading edge integrated circuits such as circuit technology, IC layouts and lead-frame material.

The popularity of condensed electronic media has made it possible for consumers to listen to music anywhere and whenever they want. In the meantime, however, condensed metal makes us look for better sounds. MUSES is our first ever professionally produced by our passionate engineering team for all musical enthusiasts.

From the origins of our work, "Music is not only electronic information, but the spirit ual feeling", what our designers at MUSES wanted was to provide a completely naturally soundscape that appeals to your senso. Compared to conventional op-amps, the MUSES circuitry is much more sophisticated and does not take a trace of the audio signal from the OR.

NewJRC is the first semi-conductor manufacturer to use oxygen-free nickel plating by thoroughly transferring the groundless noise generator to the PCB. It is the chosen materials that make you experience the endless sounds with the breathing of the musician. The MUSES use an even more sophisticated packing and assembly technique and take the many audio resources that can be hidden in sophisticated sounds out of any piece of work.

The most important point in obtaining a true authentic tone is the right and leftside channel equilibrium and independence. The MUSES takes you into a beautiful soundscape where you can experience a true, natural and beautiful harmonious tune of full orchestral and choral accompaniment. It is the joint aim of our committed New JRC employees to inspire all musical enthusiasts with a purely living audio experience.

To preserve the mere real life soundsources, we actually did record and test in venues. The innumerable sounds from the acoustic signal origin are measured in our hearing laboratory. Recently we have discovered many fake semi-conductor components which look very similar to our op-amp "MUSES" on the global markets.

Most of the time it is difficult to differentiate them from our standard range by their look, and some of them have very bad qualities and perform. You cannot deliver the same level of value as our standard software and may experience failures or malfunction when used in your system or application.

MUSES" is what we want our clients to receive through our official distribution channels: our distribution offices, subsidiary companies and agents. MUSES" can be purchased through our official distribution channel.

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