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Sister studio The Muse Gowanus has some sweet summer sales and autumn packages on offer. #1 Paint and Sip Experience - NYC (Tribeca) Sara' is an artiste who works and resides in Brooklyn. She was an artiste in residency at the University of Indonesia in 2015. Tobitha Whitley was borne in Brooklyn, New York in 1987. Her early interest in the arts and her extended her family's encouragement by permitting her to take part in arts programmes in New York City during her early years.

In 2009 she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Fashion Institute of Technology and in 2011 with a Master of Fine Arts from the New York Academy of Arts. Although Tabitha grew up in the town, she is inspired by the countryside and uses her skills to unite with it.

Their work will be shown in local galeries, among them a one-man show in 2014 at the GreenPoint Gallery and a group show at the Mark Miller Gallery. Currently she is living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She has an MA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts and a BA in Studio Arts from American University.

Since 2001 she has been painting and drawing for children's literature and art-gallery. An actress, vocalist, artist as well as fashion designer, Emily has been living a passionate and imaginative New York lifestyle for 9 years. Emily was borne and brought up in the hills of Steamboat Springs CO. At the age of 18, Emily emigrated to New York to follow a careers in art.

A graduate of Pace University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Musical Theatre, Emily has played in a number of professional theatre pieces and theatricals in New York and the region. Besides her artistry, Emily has always been very fond of artistry, working mainly in the media of acryl and Indian inks.

She is thrilled to be at Muse, an art space where human beings, creativeness, colours and wines can come together! She is an artist and audiovisual director and lives and works in New York City. After graduating from Columbia University in 2014, she has been assisting others in design ever since.

Loved to travel and walk around the town. After graduating with a BA in Fine Art from the Fashion Institute of Technology. He' s had exhibitions in Manhattan, Queens and Philadelphia art dealers. When he was a kid, he was attracted to art and devoted many lessons to painting and music.

Andy Brook University graduated in oils, drawings and sculpting. He' s shown his work in Brooklyn and Hamptons galeries and caf├ęs. For him, arts are very therapeutical and he is hoping to make Muse feel this way. During his free times he likes to learn new tongues, hikes and visits galeries and museum.

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