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Muse Share Movie Of Them recorded her next album: timepiece When they dropped their surprising singles "Thought Contagion" in February and "Dig Down" at the beginning of the months, Muse went to Instagram last months to announce that a new album is on its way. Now it seems the group is back in the recording studios. "Cathedral goes tribal", Matt Bellamy writes on Instagram Monday (May 21) and shows a tape of the percussionist Cathedral Howard.

"So our plans for 2018 are to make a lot of new tracks and probably a new album," Bellamy said to the crowd before. "We' re releasing a few single guys and doing five or six shows - some big US festival we've never done before."

Featured are Bonnaroo, BottleRock and Carolina Rebellion. See Muse's new recordings in the studio:

Muse 8th studio album

Muse published her seventh album, the album entitled Drone in June 2015. We listened to the first track, the aggressively "Psycho", followed by the smoother single "Dead Inside" and "Mercy" and a series of promotional songs. This album signalled a kind of homecoming to their origins. In the last two centuries Muse has played more and more symponic and electronical pieces, but Drone's focus has been on basic guitars, basslines and percussion.

They were as full of energy and rock as ever, while the texts drew a blueprint with an emphasis on state controll. MuseĀ tourled a lot, but soon they thought about album #8. Only a few month after the release of Drones, Dominic Howard, the percussionist, said that the group wanted to develop further and really go mad on the next album.

By January 2016 he wasn't sure if they would even be releasing a real album and said they could go the way of independent single or track instead. At the end of the year, however, the group described their next album. Later he said he wanted to do a hip-hop album.... maybe a joke?

You said the album would probably be finished in 2018, with one or two tracks in 2017, if we're fortunate. In December 2016 and January 2017, Muse began exchanging images for studios. At the beginning of May Muse split a few of them into a few clips in which they shot a musical clip that is also "coming soon". By October 2017 Muse began to record the new album beyond the three tracks they had begun in thepring.

At the 15th February 2018 the group published their second solo album " Thought Contagion ". Said they would be releasing a few more tracks before the album would fall. Matt Bellamy split an excerpt from her next album " Something Human " on July 13, 2018. It was formally published the following weeks on July 19.

You said you wanted to publish another track before the album. Muse/Muse is planning to publish her still untitled album in November 2018.

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