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As a long-standing MUSE member, Randy has made an important contribution to the organisation over the years. Muse News & Reviews Muse/Muse are an award winner of the Grammy Award for alternate Devonianrockband. They have won numerous prizes with seven studios, two life and 31 single records and more than 20 million copies world-wide. Their line-up has been the same for over 20 years: 1998 the bands sign with Sawmills Studios' recording company and release their first XP with the title'Muse'.

The following year, their second EP'Muscle Museum' was published and attracted the interest of the Taste recording company, which was to publish their first three records. The UK charts recorded their first album'Showbiz' in 1999 with only 29 records. Whilst the work was a hit in the UK, it was not published in the United States at the date of it.

Maverick, the band's US recording company, was not satisfied with the songs of vocalist Matt Bellamy and asked them to re-record them for a US deal. Only in 2005, when the ensemble joined Warner Brothers, the CD was published in the USA.

Among the songs'Supermassive Black Hole','Starlight' et'Knights of Cydonia'. They started working on a 6th session album,'the Second Law', which will be out in 2012. Survival' was selected as the formal theme of the 2012 London Summer Olympics, the follow-up'Madness' headed Billboard's Alternative Chart for 19 consecutive week, a recording previously performed by Foo Fighter's'The Pretender'.

From 2016 they have won the'Best Life Band' three and the' Best Britain Band' three of them. Muse-titled Glastonbury 2016, which will be the third year that the group has done so.

Muse's Matt Bellamy speaks new single'Something Human' &'Simulation' themes on the upcoming album

Chatt with a Muse enthusiast and you'll certainly be remembered how the lofty electro-rock group is best appreciated in the midst of one of its huge, dystopic stadium show. Throughout the last ten years Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard have been on the move for almost eternity; the band's latest tour alone - the distinctive 360-degree Drone World Tour - had 132 appointments and 18 month travels over four different countries in the years 2015 and 2016.

So, perhaps it was unavoidable that the persevering British group, after pumping their breaks and closing their fateful section on drone, tended to make a more intimate tone than they wrote their 8th album. The new song "Something Human" by Enter Muse was published on Thursday as a big leap away from the anthem of two preceding single songs in this new series - the glad rock-banger "Dig Down" and the American Rockradio favourite "Thought Contagion" - and instead recorded the lifelike fights of the group:

" Also on Thursday a new 80s inspired movie was out. While Muse revamped her previously untitled record, which will be out in the autumn, we talked to Bellamy about the origin of Something Human, it's a retro-tastic new tape and how the group reconciles all those gigs with the monsters in the group. While you are preparing for this new installment, how does everyone feel when you start this next section for the group and your supporters?

We' re currently adding the final touch to the record and hope it will be ready in the next few week. When all goes according to schedule, the record will be released in November. We' ve made this record quite distant for the last year and a half, filled with shows.

We' ve worked with Lance Drake, and we hope to work with him on all the video for the record and put ourselves into the picture of a kind of world-building mindset around this record, where there will be some kind of connecting and interrelated things throughout the whole work.

But" something human" has a more intimate and lifelike feel. Drones was astonishing and we are very pleased with the progress, but at the same tiring. A six-night trip to Paris, five-night show in London, the same show - it's the first that we' re doing this, an extended stadium trip with several evenings in several citys.

The kind of record and show was pretty obscure in terms of sound and messages, and I think life in it can be pretty exhausting for a long while. A series of tracks that are rather obscure in sound and with the show's optical character, in which the drone flies around and what we had to do with the RAP at the beginning.

There was a gloomy mood, which is good, but if you did that for a while, the obvious outcome was that as soon as I got off the street, Something Human came out, a more delicate, down-to-earth, simplified track about what it felt like to be burnt out and wanting to live a more ordinary street lifestyle again after a few years.

And with all the extensive tours Muse does, how do you keep your boy and other beloved people around? The Drones Tour - the hardest tour we've done in a while - is the one we take most of in the summers when our children aren't at work.

We' re finding such a good workout, but I have to say that for the Drones Tour it will be a long while before I want to do something so big again with so many shows in one year. You' re very nervous about making new work. It feels like we are entering this era of virtuality and even fake realities, and this is really one of the topics of the record, the concept that imagination becomes fiction, that fakes become something that is part of our daily lives.

It feels like this era is dawning in which simulations are truly essential to how we are interacting with our daily life, but also with our understandings of the cosmos and all that. I am a great fan of meta-modernism, this notion that we are now alive in this era characterized by fluctuations between two extremes, so doing something very old-fashioned, but at the same it is definitely for the days in which we are alive, rather than..... we have gone beyond the point where it is off limits to do some old-fashioned.

For me it's like returning to the early recollections of things that affected me as a kid, from movies to movies to music. I think movie scores were just as big an impact for me as popular or skirt songs in the chart. I think, as I got older I noticed how powerful this time was for me from a musician' s point of views, because it was the kind of kind of music that came to my head with strange fantasies.

One more peculiar side effect of the optical look is that I have the feeling that the era we are in is a little like the early 1980s in regard to the policy changes taking place in the outside world, and that there is a kind of response where folks are adjusting a little to what is going on because it is too disturbing and too complex to comprehend.

Congratulation on the Drones World Tour movie. But I went to the movies to see the new Star Wars movie (Solo: A Star Wars Story), and I saw a Drones movie trailers that came before, and I got a kill.

Now you can mobilise a fan community around the globe to go to the movies for a whole days (July 12th), and what was thrilling that night was the way the public relations and the images of places like Indonesia and India and Australia, South America, how all these different supporters went to the movies in small groups, was pretty thrilling.

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