Muse new York

New York Muse

A boutique oasis where you can relax and exchange stories "only in New York". The Kimpton Muse combines the energy of thriving midtown Manhattan with a shared atmosphere that makes New York your new best friend. Brooklyn's muse is the home of the circus.

Manhattan Kimpton Muse Hotel Midtown Manhattan

Is there anything better than diving into the exciting midtown of Manhattan? This is a shop where you can relax and share your experiences "only in New York". Wellcome to Kimpton Muse Hotel, just a few minutes walk from world-famous shops, attractions, museum, theatre and night life. Take your pets, your household or your company plan with you and let us do New York.

"NYC's Times Square is an area in Midtown Manhattan where most Broadway theatres and other places of conversation are grouped. A popular NYC location for shops and other important tourist destinations such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and the Guggenheim. Historical symbol for eating, buying and entertaining in Midtown Manhattan.

The Kimpton Muse Hotel takes you to downtown New York. Traips over to Times Square.

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