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Have a look at the music video of the new song "Thought Contagion"! Finally Muse announced details of a new album and released a new song with a video! Muse Preview New Album'Simulation Theory' with'The Dark Side In the new videoclip to their latest song "The Dark Side", Muse races through an inters galactic world. It will be released on the group's forthcoming Simulation Theory on November 9 via Warner Bros., "The Dark Side" finds Muse another slim, stadium-sized skirt song with vocalist Matt Bellamy singing over a driving drums beats, a twisted guitarsiff and lively synthies.

Lance Drake's Lance Drake shot a short for "The Dark Side", which seems to follow where the song "Something Human" was. Bellamy rushes through a future cosmos of giant bots trying to stop him in a buggy in the film. Muse/Muse will be releasing all 11 song clips on Simulation Theory, while also releasing the album' s deluxes (16 tracks) and superb deluxes (21 tracks) as well.

There will be additional tracks like an accoustic tracklist of "Dig Down", a song of " Print " with the Bruin Band and accustic tracks of several music.

New Album Announced & New Song Released

There are three different releases of the record (via COS): Default (11 tracks), Deluxe (16 tracks) and Super Deluxe (21 tracks). This extended track listing includes an acoustical tracklist of "Dig Down", a Bruin band with "Pressure", a living track of "Thought Contagion", acoustical track listings, among them "Something Human" and "Alternate Reality" releases of "Algorithm" and "The Dark Side".

Here is another new song from the record - it's called'The Dark Side'.

New album announced; new song'The Dark Side' released.

Muse announce that their new album'Simulation Theory' will be out on November 9. They have also published a brandnew movie for the song "The Dark Side". At the beginning of the year Dom von Muse was discussing the forthcoming ALT 1053's Dallas in front of the headliner kit at Bottlerock Napa & now we have some specifics.

The' Simulations Theory' includes productions by Rich Costey, Mike Elizondo, Shellback and Timbaland & the art work is by Kyle Lambert ('Stranger Things','Jurassic Park'). It will also be available in 11 track version (Standard), 16 track version (Deluxe) and 21 track version (Super Deluxe). Eluxe releases include specific acoustics, guitar, gospel, life and alternative realities of' Simulate Theory' track.

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