Muse Myanmar Weather

Muse Myanmar Weather

Receive the Muse weather forecast. Muse-Ruili is the only official border crossing point between China and Myanmar currently closed to foreigners. Weather in Muse is warm and temperate. I' m planning to cross the border from China Yunan RuiLi to Myanmar MuSe and have all visas ready. Ice cold weather won't bother us!

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Weather in Muse is hot and moderate. Summer is much more rainy than winter in Muse. It has an avarage yearly temperatures of 21,0 °C in muse. Over one year, the mean amount of snowfall is 1457 mm. January is the wettest months with 11 mm of rains. In July, the highest amount of rainfalls averages 325 mm.

The hottest time of the year is June. In June the mean ambient temp. is 25.1 °C. In January, the minimum annual mean annual operating temp. is around 14.2°C. The rainfall is 314 mm between the dryest and wetest heats. During the year, the fluctuation in ambient air is 10.9 °C.

Muse-This is a unique holiday & adventure in Burma

The muse is certainly not the most beautyful city of Myanmar, but it offers a glimpse into the far-mystical side of the city. It is the largest trading area on the country's borders, trading everything from farm produce such as seafood and paddy to wood, electronic goods and precious stones. Almost 70% of Myanmar's trading with China takes place here, and not everything is legitimate.

Inside the city itself there are some monasteries (there is Myanmar - of course there are temples!) & You can discover the bustling local markets for a breath of the day. Nearby mountain Shan State is stunning & hiking there is really interesting, with the opportunity to see highlands trunks (Shan, Pa-O, Pa-laung, Chin) in their everyday world.

Entering Myanmar from China - Ruili to Muse - Myanmar Message Board

Hi, I am from Taiwan and will soon be arranging a journey from Ruili to Muse and eventually flying somewhere else from Yangon and at the same token I have a Myanmar commercial permit which I got from Hong Kong. One of Myanmar?s friends asked the border side of Myanmar, but she said it was not possible to do so.

Are there any restrictions on the length of stay outside the duration of the stay? Can I leave Myanmar for Ruili? or is it necessary to leave from any Myanmar IM?

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