Muse Myanmar Map

Muse Myanmar Map

Trip Advisor has reviews of Muse hotels, attractions and restaurants that make it your best Muse resource. Here are the map results for Muse, Myanmar (Burma). Go get directions, maps and traffic for Muse, Shan. Muse, a small town on the banks of the Shweli River, is the main gateway between Myanmar and Yunnan province (China). Card on how to get to Mandalay from Muse.

Muse/Muse (Mu Se) Information

Muse/Muse is a bustling frontier resort in the state of Shan, which is known as an important trading centre with China - and is developing rapidly. Ruili (known in Myanmar as Shweli) is on the side of the frontier with China. Muse-Ruili is the only formal China-Myanmar frontier checkpoint currently closed to aliens.

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China authorities demand money from detained Myanmar migrants in Border Town

The Myanmar government has asked that Myanmar county government officers from China free immigrants who have passed the limit illegally but have been detained and said they must be paid to be released, a Myanmar county official said on Monday. The Myanmar government sent a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Shweli Frontier Region on November 4 to inform officers that China's law enforcement asked the group of immigrants to repay 140,000-180,000 Kyat (US $109-$141) each for their releases, said Kyaw Kyaw Tun, Muse's county governor.

This small city in the north of Myanmar lies on the bank of the Shweli River and is the most important crossing point between Myanmar and Ruili in the southwest Chinese province of Yunnan. MuseĀ is known for bribery, substance abusers, drugs and people smugglers, heavily trafficked people, and a flourishing illegal trade in yeaba tablets and opioum, palisander, jade and gemstones, according to a January 2016 Nikkei Asian Review study.

He said the document states that Myanmar residents are allowed to visit the Myanmar-China frontier area under an arrangement between the two states. "If we know that Myanmar people who have not commited any crime have been detained, we ask the China government to free them," he said.

Normally, when Myanmar residents are committing a crime or engaged in narcotics cases just across the China frontier, the agencies detain and prosecute them, but they later let them go, Kyaw Tun said. "Whenever we are told that Myanmar people have been detained, we ask the China government to investigate their cases and free them if they have done nothing wrong and were not drugged," he said.

How many immigrants are being detained in Myanmar until they are paying the funds demanded to the China government is not known, he said. He said that about 5,000 to 10,000 persons from both nations are crossing the frontier every single workingday. More than 80 per cent of Myanmar's rural export of farm produce, commodities and yade to China goes via the city of Lashio in Shan state to Muse and then on to Ruili, where the goods are once repacked across the frontier and resold with a bonus, according to the Nikkei Asian Review.

On the other hand, Myanmar mainly harvests machines, building machines and electronic devices, the paper says. Muse Regierung and a Mandalay-based building contractor are working on a joint effort to make Muse "the largest frontier trading area in the country", according to the study, with reference to Muse Soe.

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