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The Muse: "The guitars are no longer instruments for lead".

Gone are the times when rocking deities posed with a Fender Stratocaster in a heroic manner, says Muse front man Matt Bellamy. "The excitement of this music season is that you can combine classic with hip-hop and skirt in the same one. "You are a bit of a leg in the past as a pop artist and play guitars, basses and percussion.

" They have always adopted different musical genres and merge progressivesock, electronic, R&B and opera flowers into their stadium-sized hymns. In their latest Thought Contagion, the group even used Trap's hideous drumming pattern. "This is the first one we' re using something like this - big 808 (Drum Machine) drop and all," Bellamy said.

"We have always kept an an eye on the bell and influenced things we think are really good in new music. "In recent years, popular art and hip-hop have displaced rock as the dominating style in Britain and the USA. This discrepancy is most marked in the single charts - where not a single skirt track emerged among the top 40 best-selling single of 2017.

Seven of the 40 best-selling top salesmen on the older people's tending older generation record markets could be categorized as skirt music - among them Liam Gallagher's As You Were and the 50-year-old Beatles Sgt Pepper record. However, the greatest groups that have emerged in the alternate and rock scenes in recent years, such as Imagine Dragons and Twenty-One Pilots, have largely given up the electrical guitar and instead used the tonal structures and driving beat of hyp-hop.

"It' s almost as if the art form was an aesthetics that men felt connected to not only in music, but also in the way they clothed themselves and the way they were hanging out with friends," Bellamy said. "And the interesting thing about the music now is not only the stylistic blend, but also the epoch blend.

"So, an artiste like Lana Del Rey is going to do a tune that will sound and feel like it's playing in the 1950', but she sings about videogames. "It is an interesting period for mixing and making something that is ageless and not particularly tied to any particular age. "Whilst the creativity of contemporary music enlivens the muse, the politics inspires it in different ways.

"If you are living in this bladder and seeing this bladder, the most frightening thing about everything is that you realize that people's mind can be affected by wrong beliefs or wrong thoughts. It is titled after a Richard Dawkins novel that pointed out that thoughts can become infectious and propagate like a viral, "regardless of their exactness and truth".

" This is the second title from Muse's upcoming 8th record. In contrast to earlier project, the guys release one after the other instead of creating an overall outline. "I think it reminded me, if anything, of what it was from the beginning when a group started out for the first time," Bellamy said.

"You think we need to make this song as good as possible, whether it's an ep or a singles or a B-side. You think more of one or two tracks than you always think of 12, 13 of them. "Said the celebrity, he was looking forward to "putting together a complete record by the end of the year or even by autumn".

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