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Here you can hold general conversations about music and music-related topics. The MUSE is an online fashion retailer for women's fashion. panels Ask your question here! Here you can have general discussions about musik and music-related subjects. You can discuss other issues in the Off Topic Discussions below in the forums.

This is a place for members to write their texts if they are looking for construction. You got songs for that one you want to criticize?

Are you interested in making musical clips? This is a place to get your own feedbacks on the movie. To get your feedbacks on the track, write your feedbacks in songs (or both if you want to get your feedbacks on the track AND the video). Are you interested in taking part in a text competition to see how your texts compare with like-minded people?

You got a tune you want some help with from the group? Here you can upload your ideas or a hyperlink to an audiophile album. where you can put in your two-cent. This is a place where you can publish poetry, brief essays, texts, lieder and/or works of art. We are a bloody lot of creativity: if you are proud of it, we'd like to see it!

This is a place for discussion about the creativity of song writing. Want to present a resourceful and challenging experience to the wider arts world? When you have an ingenuity for a lyric or music request to encourage new song writing inspirations, or if you want to take a non-competitive group song writing practice, this is the place to do it.

Got bogged down in a music scooter? Come by and let the juice flow again. Discussion about how to do your best in front of a real crowd. You' ll also find information about record stores and hints on how to get the most out of your record time. Do you have a great recorder or a great instrument at your fingertips?

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