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Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. nomen. muse Meaning, definition, what is muse: something to say to you. Muse translates from French into English with synonyms, definitions and related words. The translation for'Muse' in the free English-Russian dictionary and many other Russian translations.

Significance - "inspiration" versus "muse".

There' s a small difference between muse and inspiration, namely that a muse is only a fountain of ideas. Someone gets inspired by spends quality energy and interacts with the muse, but the muse itself is not the direct motivation of a work.

A muse can also be described as a source of inspirational ideas through a synergy (creatio per Creator). But there are people you would call inspirations, but not muse. If, for example, Bob's career and achievement inspire you to accept the difficulties of getting a diploma, you might call him your inspirational name, but you wouldn't call him your muse unless he has also "actively" inspire you by interactively interfering with you.

Especially someone you have never interact with (say Albert Einstein) can be your inspirational, but not your muse. For Bob, my inspirations and muse, you can understand that Bob was not only a fountain of inspirations (muse), but also a paragon (inspiration) for you. Here's to Bob, my inspirations, and Joe, my muse.

If so, I would see Bob as your idol, and Joe as your source of interactivity inspired by you.

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You open yourself up to your inner muse. We' ve created great performers. We have Beckett as our muse. She was my source of inspiration, Jarod. Passécal Platel nouus raconte sa muse, Pascale Platel telling us about her muse. Epouse et muse de Salvador Dalí, Sohn éritable nor es Elena Ivanovna Diakonova, Salvador Dalí's spouse and muse, whose true name was Elena Ivanovna Diakonova.

And this is our muse Tucker.

Museion Arabic meaning: ??????? - English-Arabic Dictionary

n. To be away; to be so busy in studying or contemplating that one cannot see any temporary scene or thing; to be in a tan stud. n. A void or a pit in a hedgerow, i.e. a brick or the like, through which a savage beast is used to walk; a muse.

To think carefully; to contemplate in stillness; to muse. Contemplation that abstract the spirit from temporary sequences; absorbent thought; therefore lack of spirit; a dark tan one. Contemplation, meditation, gauze, ponder, reflect, ruminate, speculate, (n.) A small pit or void through which a savage beast goes; a muse.

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