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The Olympiastadion in Rome This live record was published on November 29, 2013 in CD/DVD and Blu-ray-format. They will perform at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on 6 July 2013 in front of 60,963 spectators. It was part of The Unsustainable Tour, which is a nickname for the 20th Law World Tour's stage in Europe in 2013.

Retrospect: Up to 10 things about Muse Live At Rome Olympic Stadium

"It is the greatest trip we have made in volume and value," Muse said when she announced the launch of her new Live At Rome Olympic Stadium film. "Powerful words from a group that has redefined what it means to be a "big live band" in the 21 st century.

We were fortunate enough to see it in all that it is: ultra-high definition fame. Here is our report, with 10 things you need to know about Muse Live At Rome Olympic Stadium. The first time we learned about the'ultra 4K High Definition' it was quite hard to understand what that actually was.

Very muse. One sees the subtle detail in the band members' heads (good tidings for all Matt Bellamy stalkers ), one sees the white of the far and confused faces of the shouting zealots and above all, even from the footage taken from the farthest areas of Stadio Olimpico, Muse's bat hit makes wacky live show in the clearest and greatest of lights.

With all their camera work or exaggerated directing, most live DVD's can leave you a little bit cool - but that always puts the onlooker first. As Muse was playing full OOS in Reading and Leeds in 2011, Matt said it would be the last of many of the songs to be broadcast live.

Not subtracted from the overall force of the picture, but the bizarre drama of'Newborn' or'Citizen Erased' would have given this picture much more momentum. Muse live is much more than a live performance - it is a song and dance performance of opera. Among the high points of this flick are an angry business man who comes on scene to toss Muse-branded banknotes at the audience during "Animals", a hot clerk who calls during "Feeling Good" before she pours gasoline on herself for some inexplicable occasion, and Matt Bellamy, who unexplainably goes behind the scenes to welcome a late older pair lying in caskets during "Undisclosed Desires".

No, the film shown is not the full 27-song epos run that the three of them staged on July 6th, but a collection of selected edits selected for a smoother cinema performance. It' a well-rounded film that runs in 90 min - and even those with the insanity that Muse doesn't like very much, offers the ultimate multisensory extravagance to transform them and strangle them for more.

Everything else would have been too complicated, and I'm sure that the whole show will be on the disc sometime. Resistance's leading singles and their Olympian score are known for sharing the fans' opinions. Many see her as an imitation of Muse's Stadion Rocking personality, which has turned into a self-parody.

It' s a little scary on vinyl - but that's because they're made for live use. To see a plethora of musers losing their mind to the view of Matt Bellamy, supported by images representing an armies of his slaves who stomp into battle, is enough to get any theater going.

It' hard to exaggerate and Muse takes a sledgehammer with sovereignty and no scruples. Watching your favorite band achieve stadia stature at a times when you share a tight touring coach for years and feel hung over every single night can be one of the most discouraging things a musical lover has to experience.

But when this one thing that this film shows, it is the pure pleasure that Muse finds in simply being Muse. While they rage across the huge platform, throw high Fives at the shouting crowds and look in high spirits after the last cry of "Starlight", the last few moments show the passions and childlike pleasure of three performers who are still completely in the lover of the notion of being a group.... in high definitions.

It is the backdrop for the world's greatest show in the flesh, but in cinemas it is not only the backdrop of a real rockbuster, but also an actual performer. Because of the fire coming out of the stack and the dancer dangling from the light bulbs, the scene itself is much, if not more, a part of the show than the group.

Not only for the frigid, committed muse followers out there - this is a genuine audio-visual spectacle that surpasses most pompous and grandezza-flicks. att Bellamy pledged the movie would provide the audience with a completely new muse musical event - and how. Its ingenious camera work and the annoying man touches of high definitions might even make you think that this is even better than the game.

Whilst most concert films are a slack effort to document what happened at dawn, Muse Live At Rome Olympic Stadium offers you the best place in the city.

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