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This song is from the upcoming album Simulation Theory of the band. "Dig Down" and "Thought Contagion" are such big, hymnal songs. The Muse has announced his latest song: Survival is the official Olympic song. Includes flights, hotel, VIP seats and a song initiation. The British rocker muse have released the music video for their latest single 'Pressure'.

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"Survival " is a song by the british Rockband Muse. This is the first singles from the band's 6th session record, The Second Law. "Survival " was used as the song for the 2012 Olympic Games in London and was published on BBC Radio 1 after its debut. "It is a great honor that the train was selected as such an important part of the 2012 Olympic Games in London."

"Survival " was performed when entering the arena and in the time before the medals were awarded; internationals broadcasted the games. The song was also recorded on the London 2012 Rock The Games and premiered during Muse' liveset for the London 2012 London Concluding Reception.

However, NBC, the broadcaster of the Olympic Games in the USA, did not transmit its kit.

and music video | Music News

Introducing the Prog-Rock-Impresarios Muse, who put their guitar back on again, this year for their new release "Pressure". Record, "Pressure" gives us an overview of what kind of boom we can look forward to from the band's next LP. Of course, this is just the latest in a series of pre-release singles.

In all these activities "Pressure" is a classical muse - impulsive Powerchords, easy to catch hook, clean neck skirt. Adding horn to the song's main reef is a novel modification of their customary acoustic armoury that further fills their already rugged sounds. Song's musical clip for "Pressure" is arched to fit the song's powerful hop moods.

Check out the backstage musical clip for "Pressure" below.


The Muse has published a set of stunning pre-release movies before their new Simulation Theory full-length release on November 9. Their latest release, "Pressure", is a tonal break from the other single releases. Made by Lance Drake and the celebrities Terry Crews, Chance Michael and Julia Robinson.

Referring to Back to the Future, Critters and Ghostbusters, the vid plays Terry Crews against fuzzy creatures and fuzzy rampages. It is interesting that Muse is presented in the film as Rocket Baby Dolls, as she was called when she was founded. Check out the Dark Side here, Something Human here, Thought Contagion here and the Dig Down here.

See all the ball tricks of the 80s in the movie "Pressure" below:

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