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You can use your Instagram username and/or your preferred hashtag to share your Instagram images in your Muse project. These are some tips on how to create your next instagram for maximum results. With appetizing photos of her daily dishes, Muse quickly grew her customer base. With this widget you can include the Instagram feed of any Instagram user in your Muse pages.

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It is the place where you will most of the times to be informed immediately about what is important to you. If you see a tweet you like, touch the cardio - it lets the someone who has written it know that you loved it. A retweet is the quickest way to exchange someone else's tweet with your following.

Touch the symbol to immediately transmit it. Include your thoughts about each tweet with an answer. Browse through the pages to find a subject you are enthusiastic about and take part directly. Gain immediate insights into what everyone is discussing now. Track other sites to receive immediate upgrades on issues that are important to you. Immediately see the latest discussions on any subject.

Get instant information about the best tales that happen as they evolve.

Getting more matches and successors on Instagram

Do you know Instagram can help you find a career? Photographs are the best new way to tell a story, as your finger scrolls can testify. Instagram is no longer just a board to post sweet images of you and your buddies, pick apples or a moonset. Now, that is, if you can bring in enough preferences and commentary to draw the right kind of interest to your upload.

On the basis of a survey of 1.5 million instagram photographs of over 500,000 instagramers, the more tag you have, the more you "like" and "comment", and the fewer filter you use, the better your chance of getting more preferences and commentaries on your photographs. Look at more stats from this trial before making your next gram.

With the kind permission of Dan Zarrella. Photograph by Instagram with kind permission of Shutterstock. Verify your mailbox for your first rate of Muse kindness.

The latest muse of fashion? The New York Times

Over the past few month, all kinds of design types and aesthetics have turned to Instagram to take a look at the life and taste of their supporters - blogs like Mrs. Lau, style experts, model, artists and casual patrons, who in turn have become aware of the design community, their moodboards, advertising promotions and, directly or indirectly, their catwalks.

Instagram has become a kind of twitter with approximately 150 million subscribers per month since its founding two years ago (acquired last year from Facebook for $1 billion). Mrs. von Furstenberg is not alone when it comes to using the immense power of Instagram. "The Instagram has altered my eye," said Nanette Lepore.

Ms Lepore's Wednesday show was revived by a string of poppies whose subtle washed-out acids shades brought to life believable replicas of the faded colours and strangely devastated visuals shown by her supporters in Instagram snapshots. Early this year, Mr Wu came across a number of instagram images of the miniature and eco-activist Christy Turlington with her kids on the shore and nibbled on a Phililly cheese-steak.

Instagram has a quantifiable advantage over YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and even Facebook by promoting such relations and the impromptu sharing of information. Mr. Simkhai has been his own muse, taking snapshots of the Santa Monica Pier he went to last year in a press for May. Marc Jacobs had a picture of three petite chains on his Instagram bankroll last week.

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