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Muse Browband

Muse Headband Black The muse is a headband that makes it easy to practice your music. It has been shown that contemplation reduces tension and increases your concentration, but it can be difficult to know if you are doing it right. Muse provides real-time audioconferencing of what happens in your brains as you are meditating, so you know when your spirit is wandering and you learn to concentrate again.

Consider Muse as your own signpost to meditate on the way to a quieter and more present self. Guarantee: 1 year restricted guarantee. Dear my muse! Dear my muse!

Bluetooth- Connectivity - Muse Developer

Connecting a Muse 2014 headband with Bluetooth is different from connecting a Muse 2016 headband with Bluetooth. In order to determine what headgear style you have, look for the variations listed in the following chart. The Muse 2016 uses Bluetooth Low Energy to transfer its accessibility to adjacent equipment.

It is therefore not necessary to pair the headgear with the computer or handheld unit. The only thing you need to do is turn on the headgear and maintain it until the unit detects it. Muse 2014 head bands use traditional Bluetooth to make the call, so the headband must be mated with your computer or portable devices before you can do so.

In order to paired a Muse 2014 headband, you must paired the earpiece to the unit using the unit's Bluetooth setting. On your device's Preferences screen, touch Bluetooth. Press and hold the Muse key for five seconds until all five LED's flash on and off.

In a few seconds Muse appears in the available devices menu. When you are asked to confirm a paired query from Muse, touch Answer. Allow a few seconds for the coupling operation to be completed. After it is finished, Muse is added to the paired devices group.

You may need to use a dongle with Hi-Fi technology if you have problems attaching your headgear to a computer, even if your computer has one. Here is a listing of validated and approved Hi-Fi Blue/Bluetooth USB dongle that connects well to Muse 2014-Headstraps.

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