Muse first Album

Muse first album

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Muse is the self-tapped début LP of the British pop group Muse. Taken in 1997 at Sawmills Studios with Paul Reeve, it was published on May 11, 1998 by Dangerous Records, and is now available in a 999 handnumbered edition. Coma" was the b-side of the band's second singles "Cave", while the other three were re-recorded for the first album Showbiz.

The songs were all composed by Matt Bellamy.

Museum | Biography & History

Respectable UK alternate group, which combines progressively rocking, glad, electronica and radiohead-affected experiments..... Leading the global chart, their records have made a name for themselves as a top-quality, top-notch, top-notch concert performer, often with big-budget and stage set-ups, sold-out venues and stadia around the world. Maverick Records' emotionally charged, impassioned tone and the group' performance brought applause and enthusiasm to the sector, which led to a transaction with Maverick Records after a visit to the New York CMJ Festival.

Single "Cave" and "Uno" followed their first album, which was published at the end of 1999. In 2003, two years later, /Origin's rare pieces packed with a stage show from Paris, which reached its tenth high point in Great Britain, came back with their third album, an apocalyptic sci-fi lover's sepos, which became the band's great break through in the USA and the first number one in Great Britain.

With their successor the group continued to push into the universe and absorbed more beat-driven influence. Published in 2006, their second album in a row number one at home. At America, the album burst into the top ten on the power of funkie, . Published in December 2013, 2011.

Back in the gym, the group took a break from the electronical texture of The Second Law and reverted to a more heavy rocking music. At the beginning of March 2015 Muse published the single "Psycho" and "Dead Inside", the first offers of their 7th studio-longplayer Drones. The concept album was their fifth album in a row and their first US chart publication, which won them a Grammy for best skirt album in February 2016.

A video of the current drone tour of the world, which took place in the audience, was filmed in 2018 and brought to the cinemas. At this point the group was already in the process of promotion their 8th LP with the leadsingles " DIG DOWN ", " Thought Contagion " and " Something Human ".

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