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Wikipedia has articles about: muse - Wikipedia. The Scribe and Muse English Club creates an open, welcoming environment for English main and minor subjects. English-Italian dictionary and many other Italian translations for'muse'.

M. U. S. E. - German - UW-Madison

Madison Undergraduate Society of English is an organisation dedicated to the passion for letters, languages and literacy. Litererati is the only nationwide literacy convention in the United States organised by students. Each year, the MUSE management presents an overarching topic for the conferences (e.g. "Transformations" or "Through the Mirror"), inviting contributions on the subject of critical reviews of poetry and on the subject of imaginative work.

Among the main speakers, 9 panel debates, PhD and professor-led debates, a refreshment and a session of soft drinks and soft drinks. Litererati aims to be a place for all those who are interested, alumni, professors and others to exchange their interest and English skills.

In the past, our prizes went to both Room to read and MUSE. At least once a months we have general assemblies where all MUSE members and English major members are welcome! Join us in the English Department Student Lounge (HCW 7188), get help with your enrolment, have a few refreshments and learn more about our forthcoming activities!

We have a two-hour stay every weeks in the English Department Student Lounges (Helen C. White 7188), where we have free coffees and a new survey every weeks! Have fun tinkering with English colleagues! You can see these fine works of artwork in the English Lounge!

The Scribe and Muse English Club

The Scribe and Muse English Club is a friendly and open place for English main and minor subjects. By fostering academical leadership and interactions between the student, teacher and the fellowship, we seek to improve the student's educational and societal experiences. The most important of our activities are the Book and Writers' Circle, Peer Revising and other activities throughout the year.

If you would like more information or to keep an overview of SMEC, please join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or e-mail us at to be added to our e-mailinglist.

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