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m Muse Drones Album

Muse's new studio album with "Dead Inside", "Mercy" and "Psycho". Super massive wave for the group Muse They won the Grammy for best rock album with Drones in 2016. Having performed in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium after having performed the games Yes Please and AGITATATED, Matt said: "We haven't performed these tracks in 6 years...

.. This is the sound of the next album, okay? "Matt told Billboard after the IMeartRadio show that they will perform at several festival because they will record their 7th album in 2014, he said:

It' s the plan to make an album next year. "Matt also said at the Green Room interview on iHeartRadio: "The most recent album is quite electronical in tone, the album before it is very progressiv and has a great deal of classic on it, I think the next album we could go back to a rather straightforward rocking tone that somehow sounds too early I think albums"[9].

A NME review of December 16, 2013 proposed that the new album could be finished in early 2015. "I' ve composed some good songs," Bellamy said to Triple J. "We haven't had a chance to practice them yet. When all goes well, the new album could be released in early 2015 or later.

" Wellamy said that he wanted to "reconnect" with the oldest Muse element and that he wanted to do less experimentation with the new music. "I have a fairly good idea of what the next album should look like," he said. "I' ve the powerful impression that the next album should be something that really takes away the extra things we have been experimenting with on the last two records, namely electronic, symphony and orchestra work and so on.

" It became clear after the publication that Drones was still a very varied album. There is only one major change from the band's earlier works: a reappearance of more guitar, bassline and percussion, which brought the album' s styling back to Absolution and Black Holes & Revalations, with some synthic and electronical tension.

Mutt Lange as producers allowed all three to stay outside the production room and work together in a living environment, after making most of their former album, The Second Law, themselves in a production room behind various synthesizers, so they couldn't stay together much while in the production room.

Interview with the group in April showed, however, that they had not yet recorded anything for the album. If our last two performances are finished, we're all set for this album. "At the end of May, the supporters who talked to the group showed that they hadn't yet begun work.

September 3, a jagged @JAiggins muse showed some Muse flights cases, along with the announcement "Not a bad way to donate a night at @airStudios @muse". Recordings were thought to have started at the AIR studio in Hampstead, London, but later @JAiggins acknowledged that they were just practicing and not filming.

From October 18 to November 5, Muse took a rest from the recordings. Since November 5, Muse are working on the album again. Muse went into the Studio in January 2015, added more parts of the instruments and completed the album. They' also released a Matt Bellamy movie on their instagram.

Tom Kirk released a new tweet about the new album on February 5, 2015, which means that the album is already recorded. On February 7, 2015 Chris Wolstenholme revised his Twitter review and says that the new album "Drones" will be released soon. In March 2015 Muse took over the rooms of Air Studios in London, UK to complete the album.

This album was shuffled at Air Studios in London and El Dorado Studios in Burbank, California. Drones', according to Matt Bellamy, is a concept album that examines a person's voyage from his loneliness and hopelessness to his indeoctrination through the system of being a man UAV and ultimately distracting from his repression.

Matt said the main character of the film is a girl named "Mary": "This can be just a general personality who made Matt for the interviewer, as the whole album is performed from a man's view. Also Matt has a repudiation of not making meaning or just inventing things, which would not be unlikely in this scene given the album' s militaristic topics, the psycho female soldiers vocals and the men' texts in Dead Inside.

At Reapers Maria looses compassion and goes to fight with drones. Matt says the second tale is made by another man who, just like "Mary", becomes dead inside and defect, but instead of going on an inner voyage of eclipse and loosening it and discovering charity, he chooses to become a dictator, an avid lunatic power-hungry to cause sorrow to the people.

At Drones everything ends with the spirits of the deceased, who were murdered by the new dictators, everything ends with an "Amen". The Drones can be pre-ordered from 12 March 2015. Advance order was advertised on March 11, 2015, when Muse launched a mini-site with the address'drones.muse. mu', announcing the date and hour of the advance order.

This page was taken out after a while, but came back a full year later to pre-order the album. Dead Inside, the first offical singles, was published on March 23. Mercy was then unveiled and published as a solo on May 18 with a lyrical movie and an upcoming one.

There' s a "treasure hunt" for exlusive contents around the album at the address[drones.muse. mu], which took place on 29 May 2015. Next available down-loadable contents was Reapers, published on May 29. The people who bought the album received a redemption key to get the songs MP3s while the lyrical footage was published on youutube (watch).

It' still not sure if this will be the next one. Their next track, The Handler, will be out before the full album is out, on June 1, 2015. The first half of the album is thus published before the full release, which is a premiere for Muse.

This album was supposed to be leaking very quickly, with the news of a leakage spread quickly in early May 2015. A muser was riding on this hit when they published the leaky album. This " album ", however, only included the previously published tracks and several reproductions of Guide Light.

It was finally revealed on June 2, 2015, just a few day before its publication, after a mailing mistake, when a Muser received the actual copy by post. After the leakage Muse published an offical lyrical movie on June 3, 2015 for the next and last track before the offical publication, JFK and Defector.

Aftermath' s FM Edition was published on Muse's Spotify at the end of March 2016, indicating that it will soon be available as a singles release. Reapers will be published as a 7" record store day record on April 16, 2016. Muse posted a short clip to the album " Drones " on January 26, 2015.

At the same time ('Drones') Tom Kirk released several titweets on the same date (January 26 th 2015), like this one and on January 29 th Glen Rowe released this image on his own tweet, indicating that the album really is called "Drones". Later on February 5, 2015, Muse affirmed the name via her Instagram account[21], as did Chris Wolstenholme on February 7 in his blog post that the new album "Drones" would be released soon.

In engineering, the word "drone" is used to refer to radio-controlled pilot-less rockets or aircraft (e.g. naval espionage aircraft) and/or any type of remote-controlled robotic vehicle. In an Instagram release on February 7, 2015, Matt Mahurin, who is a photo, artwork and movie maker, says he's doing the photograph, artwork and artwork for the new muse album called Drones.

His other work can also be seen on his Instagram work. His work was completed in early March 2015 when he published a photograph of an outside disk on his instagram. Muse released the album artwork on Instagram on March 11. You can find the announcement on their website on March 11, 2015.

The members were sold in advance on the same date and general sales will begin at 9:30 a.m. on 12 March 2015. From 15 March 2015 in Belfast, around the UK to Brighton, Glasgow, Manchester, Exeter and more, until 28 March 2015. It started on 23 May 2015 and ended on 24 July 2015.

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