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Following the last of the summer festivals, a European tour began with a major arena tour through Great Britain. The album was the first of the Muse's five albums in the UK. Awesome Muse concert for The Passage! One of the UK's biggest rock bands, this English alternative rock band is for sure.

Muse: Book your Drones World Tour ticket with Cineworld Cinemas

Muse, the world-famous and multiple award-winning group, started their challenging Drones Worldwide Tours in the years 2015-16 and played over 130 concerts all over the inland. The Drones, who were flying independently across the platform and the public, as well as huge screens interacting with the members of the group.

The most important tracks played on the concert were' Psycho','Madness','Uprising','Plug in Baby','Supermassive Black Hole' and'Knights of Cydonia'. Here we find the group at the peak of their strength and create an memorable fans event that wants to be seen on the canvas.

Awesome Muse concert for The Passage!

At Shepherd' s Bush Empire on August 19, Muse performed an exceptional performance in favor of The Passage. Everyone really liked the night, the Muse supporters were great and they liked the "on demand" setlist. The Passage CEO Mick Clarke went on to speak about The Passage and thank everyone concerned, especially Muse and the Shepherds Bush 02, who provided the location free of charge.

The Passage is currently costing over 5 million a year to run, so this donation is very much appreciated and will help us keep helping the needy and displaced every year. We' d like to thank Muse, Shepherd's Bush Empire and all the amazing Muse enthusiasts who have purchased seats for this unbelievable night.

It has a powerful volunteer spirit and we are very thankful to those who give their spare times and abilities to help our work.

Muse releases concert of the Drones World Tour in Devon movie theaters - only for one evening

The Rockband Muse organizes a unique One-Night-Only-Event in movie theaters all over Devon. Teignmouth and their team have just released the'Drones World Tour', which will be shown on July 12, 2018. It features unprecedented unique sound and sound features that complement the creativity of the theatre and guarantee the final audio-visual sensual adventure.

In addition to the band's unique insights into the show's original concepts, the show's unique features are the autonomic drone shows that fly over the public, huge projection and elaborate, beautifully finished LEDs that make for an uncanny, dystopic work. Muse started their 2015-16 tour of more than 130 concerts with the group performing in the heart of the area, where the set offered a 360-degree view to the people.

They flew over the stages and the crowd while they performed tracks from their latest album'Drones' as well as some of their greatest hit music. The concert film, which has been shot and taped over several shows, contains never before seen visual impact and an exquisite intro.

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