Muse Concert Toronto

Muse Concert Toronto

To Toronto after only about a year and a half? They are coming to Toronto this summer. It was the third time I saw Muse last week. The Budweiser Stage (formerly Molson Canadian Amphitheatre) Toronto.

Thirty seconds to the Mars concert! - Travel reports from Budweiser Stage, Toronto

Awesome concert in a fabulous location. Joined the Dooby Brothers and Chicago on July 19. It' our first one in this place. We just entered, but many can take the passage and the passage over Lakeshore was simple. And I understand why those who decide to leave the grass earlier.

It was quite full, I think, and I'm not sure how to make it if you land on a ceiling behind folks in grassy stools, but I think they do. Mostly Toronto cab driver is not easily handled, like being aggressively driven to get ticket prices.

I was in concert with the Doobie Brothers and Chicago. Coming by train from Misissauga it was easy.....a quick stroll to Ontario Place...many ways to dine and dine before and during the show, but be careful, it's expensive....9.00 for hot dogs from the seller outside the Ontario Place door - less expensive in the hall itself, but some other choices are insane, so go around and see before you make up your mind or even better eating in front of your hands.

Parking on the CNE site near the arena.

It' nice to get in and out after the concert. Getting on and off the platform was fast and effective. There' s a choice of meals, burger, pizza, snacks and plenty of draughty beers and wines on the stages, but you will have to do it. Sitting in reserved places, there was a large grass area at the back of the event location, but it seemed congested.

Have you been on the Budweiser stage?

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