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Museum Ticket Founded in the mid-90s, Muse are an alternate Britishrockband. It is headed by multi-talented Matt Bellamy, who is in charge of vocal leadership, guitars, piano as well as keys within the group, Chris Wolstenholme, who is playing basso, keys and backing vocal, and Dominic Howard, who is playing the percussions and the percussions.

Muse's first record was Showbiz and was published in 1999. Including Bellamy's now iconsque falsetta styling, which can be heard on many songs, and the alternate skirt category with engaging tunes that Muse is known for. In 2001 her second full-length Origin of Symmetery was out. It extended their sonic styles and contained a wider range of musical tools, which is not surprising given the band's talent with different musical styles.

Influenced by the classic style, the record gained a fame as an energy-packed performer. Just like Origin of Symmetery, the record has recorded musical influence from the classic genres to certain bands on certain music. It was the first of the Muse's five albums in the UK.

In 2006 and instead of classic electronics and popular styles, the book was published in German. It was more of a band inspiration, like Depeche Mode. Blackened holes and revelations led to muse' great popularity and appreciation internationally. Drones was their 7th and latest record, published in 2015. It was a Drones' War and the musical genre itself turned back to a harsher rocking soundtrack.

Muse has received many awards, among them several Grammys, Brit Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards and NME Awards.

We are looking forward to welcoming this highly energetic folk rock group.

We' re glad to welcome this energetic folk rock group again.... It's been a long while, but we are looking forward to welcoming them again..... Welcome back to the Muse..... It will be our pleasure to welcome you back to the Muse..... We' re pleased to welcome the critics.....

Wellcome to Muse, the very emotional tearjerker..... Welcome back to the Muse..... Welcomely Weltmeister in pian play with honey tonkin' blue stars..... Welcomeback to the muse. Muse presents the #1 Open McC in Charlotte....with a #1 opening star: Muse presents the #1 Open McC in Charlotte....with a #1 opening star:

Muse presents the #1 Open McC in Charlotte....with a #1 opening star:

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