Muse Concert Review

Muse concert review

review - Muse has proven that they are still F**k at the full Red Rocks Show. Yesterday evening Muse took over the Red Rocks Amphitheatre - exactly 10 years to the date since her last appearance at the historical event location. No one should be surprised that the show quickly went on to sell out - especially with PVRIS and Thirty Seconds to Mars at the opening of the show.

This Britishrockband has been making it since the 90' s, but last evening they showed that they are still up to date. Singer Lynn Gunn pinned her reassuring ambience vocal and was far from appealing to the huge audience - a sold-out audience that was probably not so intimately acquainted with the youngest group in the line-up.

The Thirty Seconds to Mars was the next gig - an gig for which many Muse lovers seemed to have been pumping in the audience, me included. The unbelievable opening track we thought was a daring, futile portrayal of front man and Hollywood celebrity Jared Leto's ambitious. He was dressed eccentrically, to the point where it became priggish - fur, a fluorescent rose cap, a dress shroud resembling a kind of Glass Animals kind of albums, walking trousers and the casual banner to beckon around - a banner that Leto's guitars apparently substituted for because he only once used it.

Perhaps it was the shamelessly well-lit scene, which shone much too brightly for the whole appearance of the group. An elevated deck was placed in the centre of the scene for Leto's permanent swindles. and that was the gasoline that would power his batteries for the nigh.

Although Leto was excessively overconfident, he was not neglected by the mass. He' s given a lot of affection to the crowds and even picked to talk to - at Red Rocks. It also drew some committed supporters onstage, grabbed a cell to shoot itself, and began to sing tirelessly all dark.

It was difficult, almost reliable, but still a good way to inflate the crowds in front of Muse. He was dancing around the platform, spinning around in a circle with energy, walking through the public to play "Kill" with an accoustic guitars from the sounding board and more - we just couldn't say if he did it for the public or kept himself in the limelight.

" Lato jested about the concertgoers who had never seen Thirty Seconds to Mars before. It was not long before these hopes were shaken. I had a great time on the Rocks, but with the heavy dance and headbanging that got infected, I ripped my jumper off after the first one.

The singer and guitarsist Matt Bellamy wore panting reds, a guitars with neon-colored strings and a pair of glasses. Well, it always seems impolite when a musician covers the cliff. And, yes, Muse clouded the cliffs. However, instead of covering them up with a medium size LCD display, they had several huge display pillars at the back of the platform that were moving forward and backward throughout the show.

This column plays a kind of filtered mix of bands and audience music. The way the pillars were moving back and forth and the way the ribbon was still illuminating the cliffs behind the pillars made it feel like their lightshow was just an elongation of the cliffs.

Sometimes they even mixed the colour of their lights to the popular bands and at the end the lightshow was unbelievable, Muse at Red Rocks on Monday evening. Not only the solid reflex lights were moving on scene - the drums were selectively scrolled into the foreground and handed over to the percussion player Dominic Howard.

Occasionally this spot light was divided with bass player Chris Wolstenholme, which gave the whole group the opportunity to glamour. Leto's selfish shop window made it invigorating to see a front man who divided the spotlights. They also took risky chances by taking electronical breaks. All of us know that Muse is an old rocking group, and of course they also have a great deal of electronical impact.

However, Muse enthusiasts don't go to Muse shows for such electronic music - they go to a great skirt kit. Muse played all the songs and then some, often with small diversions from the songs to present to the public a variety of solo guitars or expanded instrumentals. Bellaamy has masterfully played his guitars without ever losing his smooth and musical vibes.

In one point of the show he even played "Starlight" from the centre of the audience, while the location of the event produced the celebrities in a breath-taking event on the cliffs. It was not only a madness, it was also a party of Muse's coming back to Red Rock exactly a decade later, and it was still sold out, regardless of the age.

We have seen that Muse is still important and will probably not diminish so quickly.

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