Muse Concert Dates

The Muse Concert Dates

Here you will find the concert history of Muse together with concert photos, videos, setlists and much more. Tourdates and concert cards for Muse Few British alternate rock groups fought as fiercely in the latter 1990s to get out of the shadows of Radiohead as Muse did. In spite of their early resemblance in tone, the members of Muse have made a name for themselves in the scene with their singular mix of different genres and extensive touring dates.

Muse' concert dates in 2011 are rather a new creation, but have unbelievable animated stage, intensive light effect and optically appealing instrumentation to offer. Her unmistakable sounds have been the source of well over ten million records around the world and have earned her countless accolades and reviews. Over the past few years, Muse has also become known for his groundbreaking and lavish lives, among them some concerts to come in 2011.

The Muse began in Teignmouth, Devon, under the name Gothic Plague. Dominic Howard founded the group in the early 90' while visiting Teignmouth Community College. But after Bellamy proposed the change from a covers to an originals, Howard, Chris Wolstenholme and Matthew Bellamy stayed all that was left.

Following the victory in a locale brawl of groups, the three finished college and their job, moving to London and changing the band's name to Muse. Muse' s 1999 EP, Muscle Museum, became a smash hit starring the cover song, which landed at number 3 on the indies single chart and experienced the rotations on the air.

Although they play tours all over Great Britain, Muse decided to move to the USA due to the missing hit. Soon after Muse joined Maverick Records and in 1999 released her first full-length record, Showbiz. Muse' s battle for business came up on the album's topic, showing a smoother tone than the one that would make the group known.

On their next full-length Origin of Symmetry release in 2001, Muse dramatically altered their styles. Recorded with a more experimented tone, the record is reached with an extended drumset, meanllotron and Bellamy's characteristic false part. Because of the album's popularity, a number of headliner and support appointments were made, which led to the custom of continually performing concerts.

Muse' continued triumph came with the publication of the 2003 issue of Absolute. Whilst Radiohead was still the norm, reviewers commended the record and its sounds regardless of what they had in common. What was more, the band's band was a great hit with the public. With her 2006 Black Holes and Revelations Muse had a similarly successful 2006 record, despite the risk of experimenting with the styles on the record.

Muse' latest record Resistance was published in 2009 with a resounding amount of critical acclaim. This was the group's third No. 1 record in the UK and ranked No. 3 on the Billboard 200, the highest chart score in the United States. Muse was also honored with the first Grammy Award for Best Rockalbum. As Muse has taken a pause from extensive touring dates, Muse has indicated a new record for the end of 2011.

There are also a few concert dates planned for 2011, which include tours at a number of international musical events. Now that Muse has played the LA Increasing concert with Rose Against the Machine on July 30, he will perform touring dates at Kanrocksas in Kansas City and the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco on August 13.

In 2011 Muse will end their concert schedule at the Reading and Leeds Festivals, where they will perform the full Origin of Symmetry record in honour of their 10-year existence.

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