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Subscribe to Muse Biotechnology Inc to stay informed about news, articles and jobs. novelties Boulder, CO - May 09, 2017 - Muse bio, a private enterprise that leads the next level of genomic power creation, today announces that Dr. John Stuelpnagel, co-founder, first CEO and former COO of Illumina and a well-known genomic industrialist, will chair Muse bio's board. February 28, 2017 - Muse bio, a private enterprise that leads the way in the next level of genomic gene technology skills, today announces the closing of a $23 million Series B Fund.

Boulder, CO - December 15, 2016 - Muse bio today published a document in Nature Biotechnology that describes for the first case its basic technological base that allows efficient genomic genomics with individual nuclearotide accuracy. Boulder, CO - December 7, 2016 - Muse bio, a private enterprise that leads the evolution of next-generation genomics today announces the appointment of Dr. Kevin Ness as Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors.

Entertainment company Muse bio wins $23M Series B funding under the direction of Venrock

Over-subscribed funding was headed by Venrock and comprised capital expenditures by Foresite Capital and Paladin Capital as well as the two Series A sponsors, NanoDimension and Spruce/MLS. "Simplifying unicellular, multi-editable genomics research into an automatic, desktop based genomic research workflow will democratise the creation of genes in the same way Illumina did ten years ago for genetic research.

This will allow many more researchers to quickly carry out genomics research and create new drugs for various health care, agricultural and biotech applications," said Bryan Roberts, partner at Venrock. "Muse-organic can live up to that promise." You can see the value of Muse bio's proprietary technologies, which allow researchers to perform several clearly identified transient genomics at any point in the entire cellular DNA at a high rate and cost-effectively," said Kevin Ness, CEO of Muse bio.

"This funding will allow us to speed up our schedules to get ForgeCraft to the world' s scientists." The new genomics research paradigm at Muse bio will change our perception of biological research. Muse bio offers the necessary strength to research and manufacturing science in the fields of genomics and man-made biological research by combining a high-performance, computer-supported computer program suite, patented table top biologicalfoundry and customer-specific agents.

The next level of CRISPR-based ForgeCraft technologies drastically accelerate genomic design.

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