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Muse is a British band consisting of Matthew Bellamy (lead guitar player, singer and pianist), Chris Wolstenholme (bass player and background singer) and Dominic Howard (drummer). The three members of the band are not from Teignmouth, but from other cities in England. Mat was in Cambridge on 9 June 1978 with George Bellamy, the 1960s British guitar rhythmist, the Tornados, the first British band to have a number one success in the USA, and Marilyn James.

After all, they were moving to Teignmouth when Matt was 10 years old. Chris was however, in Rotherham, Yorkshire, on 2 December 1978. This prompted him to study guitars. He later played percussion for a post-punk band. In the end he gave up the drumming to perform for Matt and Dom, who had to fight with two bassplayers in another band.

Took up drumming at the tender ages of 11 when he was influenced by a jazzband that performed at his class. Cathedral was playing percussion for a band named Carnage Mayhem when he saw Matt. At that point, Matt didn't have a solid band. Shortly thereafter Matt was conscripted as guitar player by Cathedral and his band members.

At this point Chris met both Matt and Dom. However, at that point Chris was drumming for another band in the city. In the course of the years, the band of Matt and Dom collapsed and left them without bassists. Luckily Chris gave up the drum kit to perform basso for her.

Later Dom and Matt Chris thought that Chris was the other one at college with "real music talents": "Matt and Dom I saw a few years before the band began because we went to college together - they were at college before me, but I knew them from seeing in the city.

Then, a lot of groups appeared out of nowhere - suddenly everyone wanted to start playing guitars and be in a band. But theirs was on the verge of self-destruction and mine was crumbling too, so we got together from there," - Chris, as he got together with Matt and Dom.

" During this period the band named their band Muse. It was Rocket Baby Dolls, not Muse. "It' Matt. Matt, Dom and Chris said they named it'Muse' because it was brief and good-looking on a bill.

At Teignmouth, the first thing they learned about the term was when someone proposed that the cause that a large part of the population became members of a band was that a muse was floating above the city. The muse was often asked to cover songs she hates. So they were decided to do their own tunes, which would give them a large number of performances.

They were able to publish a self-titled album under Sawmills' own brand name, Doingerous. Afterwards, Smith co-founded the musical productions firm Taste Media specifically for Muse. Later on Christmas Eve 1998 Maverick signed a recording contract with Muse. After returning from America, Taste Media arranged stores for Muse with various recording companies in Europe and Australia.

They' d be releasing another Muscle Museum XP experience that aroused more interest in them. The celebrated production artist John Leckie, who worked with Radiohead, the Stone Roses, Weird Al Yankovich and The Verve, was used to create their first record, and on October 4, 1999, after the hit of Uno and Cave, Muse's first two showbiz-single.

Muse's first showbiz record has met with varying resonance among locals. They said the showbiz sounds were similar to Queen, Jeff Buckley or Radiohead, but that didn't stop their global popularity - Muscle Museum and Sunburn were published as highly acclaimed Singles, with Unconscious being their first top 20 one.

Showbiz's popularity led Muse to major events such as the Glastonbury International and Reading Fétivals, where she received a golden record for selling showbiz. In addition to these celebrations, a concert tours through Europe, Australia and Japan followed. The showbiz boxes in France, which contain all showbiz single tracks, and the Random 1-8 XP for Japan with 8 B-sides ended a succesful year.

You have been short-listed for the Best New Act Awards at the Brit Awards and won the same distinction at the NME Awards. Thanks to the hit of Muse's first record, they have gained a remarkable following throughout Western Europe. The release of Origin of Symmetry took place on June 18, 2001 and was praised by critics.

Plug in Baby was published as the leading singles of the record and made the 11th place in the hits chart, the highest place for the Muse one. And their second individual, New Born, would also be in the top 20. Maverick had some misgivings about the falset to voice on the record, which she thought was not radio-friendly, and asked Muse to modify some of her tracks before the US-releases.

Muse insultedly abandoned Maverick and prevented the publication of the record in the United States. In releasing this record, Muse won several accolades, including the Best British Act at the Kerrang Award, and three Q Award nominees: Best Record, Best Live Act and Best Producer.

Following the publication of this record, a major global concert tours followed with tours to Australia, Japan, Germany, Austria, France and many other countries. Muse/Muse published two more single tracks before publishing another record, Bliss and a two-page one, Hyper Music/Feeling Good. In July 2002 Muse published a 2-disc recording with several B-sides and a few tracks in real time.

In addition, there was a video diary with a film and a Paris concert, which Matt explained was the best one: a concert in Paris: It was a little tedious, a little doubtful with the first record ['Showbiz'], but we had come closer to the second record with a good deal of neglect both in respect of the record and the tour.

Together with this publication, an XP called Dead Star XP was released in France and Japan, which included the Hullabaloo Soundtrack Double-A page, Dead Star/In Your Welt and a Franki Valli's Can't Take My Owes Off You album. Muse completed a beautiful year with the Best Live Act Award at the Kerrang Awards and the sale of 1.3 million Origin of Symmetry worldwide.

Muse/Muse took another pause from the tour to make her third one. Previously he had made some great mixes of skirts - Audioslave, Radio Against The Machine's'Renegades', The Mars Volta - but in the meantime he had sent us CDs of other guys he had worked with, like Philip Glass and Fiona Apple, and tried to persuade us to make the whole one.

At the end he did almost the whole record and even mix it. He''s made the smallest adaptations, millimeter by millimeter, to get it to be a great phase,' says Matt,'how awesome it was to work with Rich Costey. Absolution, Muse's third solo record, was published on September 29, 2003 after month-long experimenting, recordings and mix.

Together with the publication of this CD Muse published two releases, Stockholm Syndrome, a pure downloaded song from her website, and Times is Running Out, which turned out to be her break-out success and reached eighth place in the British chart-run. With a new US recording contract Muse began her first staging in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, France, Iceland and many other countries.

In order to end the beautiful year 2003, Muse published another singles, Hysteria, which was praised by critics for her throbbing bassline and has also become an integral part of the band. You also won the Q Innovation Award, Best Album and Best Band Award at the Kerrang Awards.

At the beginning of 2004 Muse was touring Australia, Japan, where Chris dropped his ring, which was finally given back to him by a supporter in France and the United States. At a small show in Atlanta Matt was hurt by an accident with his guitars when they began to perform Citizen Erased.

So I ran behind the stage and I threw up. First you could sense the stings that stretched my face while I was singing, but now the only thing that seems to disappear in my lip," says Matt about the aches. Cathedral also realized that Matt was seriously hurt. He was recovering just in good timing to resume his trip to Northern America, with a stopover at the Coachella Valley Music Festival and in Utah, Toronto and Vancouver.

Singfor Absolute was published as a solo on the evening before their major concert touring Europe and is another muse solo that made it into the top 20. Supported by his band mates and his whole familiy Dom decides to remain with the band and keep on touring. Her next singles, Butterflies and Hurricanes, should be devoted to his dad.

While touring the United States with the Cure Curiosa concert series, Chris injured himself in a crash with The Cooper Temple Clause bass player Didz while he played Soccer. With Morgan Nicholls, bass player of British hip-hop act The Streets, they succeeded in finding a substitute and continued their concert with Chris as keyboarder and background singer, with a stormy show at the Vfest in August.

She continued her journey with a stopover in Australia and a concert in North America. In North America, Muse played new music. In the course of this concert muse won the Best Live Act at the Q Awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards for Best Alternative Act and Best UK/Ireland Act and another Best Live Act Awards at the UK Festival Awards.

At the end of her year, Muse gave two Christmas concerts in Earls Court, which were completely booked out. When Matt began on holiday in the Kingdom of Bhutan in 2005, Chris and Dom won a Brit for their first Best Live Act Awards. You also won a NME prize for the same cathegory, taking Muse's prize from 2004-2005 to an amazing seven prizes.

Muse/Muse resumed her trip in April with several performances in the USA for the Mountain Vu Campus Invasion Group. In the course of this concert Muse played four new tracks while they mixed their set list. Muse would also name the four new tracks with diagrams on the set lists to be released by the people.

Finally, two expeditions led to the fact that the supporters won the bicycles autographed by Muse. It was also the third Absolution in America release, although it was published as a download-only two years ago. Muse completed their live show in Paris, although they were initially planned for the London stage.

Soon after that the Absolution User Interface, which contains all of Absolution's single songs, was published in France. They were also able to publish Origin of Symmetry in the USA with a new recording contract under Warner Music after fulfilling their contract obligations with Taste Media. In addition to a longer tour pause, Muse began recording new footage for their 4th full-length recording, which was again recorded by Rich Costey.

At Miraval Studio in France, they began to record their 4th record, but managerial issues and spirits and bats led them to move their recordings to New York, where most of their record was made. The band took up their own schedule like absolution, as there were no dates and incidents on their calender. It was an excellent moment to do something else.

Chris says they worked on one track after another, and if they liked it, they kept it. During the recordings Muse won another prize - the MTVu Woodie Awards for International Woodie. They' d also be releasing another one - Absolute Tour DVDs containing their Glastonbury headliner kit, re-cut and masters.

At this point absolution had sell well in Europe and one million units had been delivered. On July 3, 2006, after six months of recordings and mixes, Muse published their forth record, entitled Dark Holes and Revelations, with an exceedingly favorable response. Matt says there is one major topic in general - the excitement and anxiety that hang in the sky around the globe.

You can really hear this topic, the link between actual tension and that of a long time ago, on the record. "To accompany the publication of the record the first singles Supermassive Black Hole was released, which came fourth in Great Britain and thus represented their largest British hits to date.

After this show and several television commercials, Muse went on her concert roadshow, which mainly featured festivals, with a remarkable headliner spot at the Reading and Leeds Fest, which would be one of the high points of her concert roadshow, Chris explains: When we were there as children, I think it was exactly 10 years to the last minute that I saw the band playing the song against the machine - and that was one of the best shows I've ever seen!

Of all the European festival, Reading is the best band you'll ever get. "During the whole season, the concert has continued with various concerts in North America. Throughout this stage of the trip they released another one, Starlight, which turned out to be the band's greatest hits in America and climbed to number 2 in the US Modern Rocks charts.

Muse later began a big European Arenatour, with three sell out concerts in the Wembley Area. On their European tours they released another UK based individual, Knights of Cydonia, which was described as "six minutes and one second of purely genius". "During their tours they won another MTV Europe Music Video Awards, Best Alternative Act and Best Live Act Awards.

Justin Timberlake said during the awards ceremony that they would be the best band there if they presented them before their appearance of "Starlight". Brandon Flowers, The Killers leadsinger, also referred to Muse while they won the Best Rock Groupawards. Muse would tour Europe the remainder of the year. When 2007 drew near, it was proclaimed that Muse would be the first band to perform at the new Wembley Stadium on June 16.

In 2007 Muse began with a touring through Southeast Asia and Australia, with a headliner spot at the Big Day Out festivals in New Zealand and Australia next to Tool. While touring Southeast Asia, Muse won another BRIT Awards and the Best Live Act Awards.

They' were also shortlisted for the best album and the best UK band, but they' ve fallen to Arctic Monkeys. In March 2007 it was declared that Muse will not be the first act in the recently renovated Wembley-Stadion. Instead, it would be the vocalist George Michael who would be the first to perform in the 90,000-seatena...

Her 2007 global concert tours went on to support the US band My Chemical Romance. Following a show in Williamsburg, Virginia, members of My Chemical Romance's band and staff as well as Muse's crews were suffering from serious poisonings, which led to the cancelation of several shows. As a result, My Chemical Romance and Muse supporters sent murder threat to the cook who was serving them their meal after their trip.

Nevertheless, their worldwide concert tours continued with headliners at Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, Pinkpop and the Isle of Wightfestivals. Throughout these gigs Muse amazed her supporters with old tracks, such as Micro Cuts, Blackout and Unconscious, which returned to the set lists after 6 years of being out.

Muse hosted several groups to help with her performances at MUSEembley, making this sensational event another annual springtival. Following her concerts in Guatemala, Muse will resume her concert tours with stations in Monaco, France and many more. Recently it was said that they will again travel through America with a performance in the world's most popular stadium, Madison Square Garden, while Cold War Kids will be there to help them on this America trip.

The Resistance, a fifth record, was out on September 14, 2009. It is the first muse record that the band itself made. It was developed by Adrian Bushby and blended by Mark Stent. He led the band in 19 albums, became their third UK record and made it to number 3 on the Billboard 200.

Most of the reviewers were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the record, with much of the credit focused on the ambitions, the influence of classic rock and the thirteen-minute, three-part "Exogenesis": Uprising, the first singles, was published seven nights before and contained a remake of the theme track of Does It Offen You, Yeah? But the first track of the record was not "Uprising", but "United States of Eurasia", which was made available as a free dowload on the offical website at the end of the US Eurasia treasury search.

This band began The Resistance on the road with a Seaside Rendezvous in Teignmouth, Devon in September 2009 and was headliner of the Coachella Festival in April 2010. Also the band sponsored U2 for their U2 360 degree trip. At the " Breakfast with Muse Concert" KROQ Muse was asked how long they would be on the road.

We' re going to do this underground and Europe trip and we' ll be shipping out to Australia and Asia and returning for an extended US-stay. It' going to be our longest US trip yet. "¶¶Chris Moyles for Radio X. Hop up to: a big shot. Who is Chris Moyles?

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