Muse Band News

Muse Band News

What hit single was rated higher for these bands and artists in the USA? The CNN uses Radiohead in response to Donald Trump's fake messages. The latest news about Muse. This year the band will release their sixth album.

Muse-reveal new single'The Dark Side' and announce new album'Simulation Theory'.

Muse sharpened their returns with the new single'The Dark Side' and the new album'Simulation Theory'. Watch the movie and the list of tracks below. After the current singles'Dig Down','Thought Contagion' and'Something Human' the new song follows a rather old opera rocking tour of the band - but with an electro-pop effect.

And it comes with a full sci-fi movie, apparently the continuation of'Something Human', as front man Bellamy moves through a futurist dystopic world. Shellback, Rich Costey, Mike Elizondo and Timbaland,'Simulation Theory' is scheduled for publication on November 9, 2018. See the full track list for different file types below.

There is also an accompaniment to every track on the record. Default CD and vinyl album: The Deluxe CD Album: Deluxe Super Boxing Set: Soon the band will announce the 2019 Tourdates. "We' re going to do the greatest trip and knock down those who have never seen anything before," said the singer.

Muse's latest album'Simulation Theory' - everything we know so far

Master of science fiction madness, Muse are one of the most striking views of UKrock. As things are heating up at Muse and there are indications of a new record seeping out every single working night, we've gathered everything we know about the forthcoming series. What's the news? What's the name of the new muse record?

It' called'simulation theory'. When' s the release date of the new muse book? So who made the record? My first singles from the record was'Dig Down'. After all, Muse just dumped the 4th singles from the album'The dark side' - completely with sci-fi vid, which seems to be a continuation of'Something Human' - while Bellamy moves in a futurist dystopic world.

So what are Muse's tours for 2018 and beyond? Soon the band promises to announce a 2019 concert in Germany. For the advance booking of the albums, please pre-order'Simulation Theory' here. Whenever you come on a trip, there's something new you can use. We do not know any actual Tourdates yet.

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