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Muse Band Members

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Ten facts you may not know about Muse

This UK band will lead a whole series of European festival venues, among them the band Rocklegende Download and the Swedish band Bråvalla. As we prepare, we'll take a close look at the band behind the iconic Origin of Symmetry and Abolution to uncover ten facts you may not know. In the modest environment of the Broadmeadow Sports Centre, the band took part in a band contest fight and went against the norm: "We came on in make-up, we were very agressive, we were playing very hard and then we just stopped everything on stage," Matt recalls.

Nowadays it' all about pants zips and lama toe nails - just ask Matt Bellamy. That'?s right, Bellamy used his bow ties to make cute, sweaty tunes. If he is not on a global tour, bass player Chris Wolstenholme exchanges both band and instruments for percussion in a small band in his hometown of Teignmouth.

Matt Bellamy is not only the lead singer of one of the world's biggest skirt acts, he is also a global leader. Most of the guitar on a single trip to smash - a whopping 140 - and it is also rumored that the band had to spend 150 per evening to cover the unavoidable high.

And by the way, Dom was supposedly hurt three thanks to Matt throwing guitar at him. "Muse- a jazzband! "You probably sniffed, but there was once the very slight chance that it would happen, because when the band sang "Black Holes and Revelations", they often shot the songs with a double bass, which led to the short question.

Muse's TV appearances were famous for a while for her enigmatic 4th member, who stood on the band's platform and played break dance at their bid. Although the realms of Muse and the Canada' star Celine Dion are separated, they collided as early as 2002, when the titanium vocalist was hoping to call her Las Vegas show "Muse.

"We' re not going to show up where folks think we're Celine Dion's backing band. Ah, just Matt Bellamy then. Did you know that since the first muse recording, Matt has not permitted anyone but the producers of the recording to listen to him singing without music?

Even his band mates aren't permitted to remain in the gym when Matt records his voice cues. During the band's Wembley stadium shows in June 2007, the guys had planned to go on scene in jets, but unfortunately they violated health and safety rules.

And if that is in the spirit to see Muse, you can see her here in the next few months:

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