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We recycle all our paper waste in the UK and convert it into corrugated board. Super Massive Wiki for the Volume Muse Here is a chronicle of all Muse' performed and photographed music. You will find an Alphabetical listing on this page. You can find a complete listing of Muse Track on this page. Matt Bellamy's Warner/Chappell songkatalog lists a number of copyright protected tunes as well as early stage titles for newly released tunes whose identity is currently not known.

The title of these tracks is: "In fact, various song drafts appear to be protected by copyright, although it is not known how much advance has been given to them.

Muse albums that have been rated best and lowest by rock fans.

The Muse are one of the best old skirt and room skirt groups of all times. The best Muse albums include images of the cover albums if available. From the best to the badest, the Muse diskography is arranged so that the best Muse albums are at the top of the lists.

In order to make it easy to tune in to your favourite albums, we haven't added any muse single, EP or compilation, so everything you see here should be just session albums. When you think that the biggest muse record is not rated high enough, choose it to get the right recognition. Be sure to do more than just voted for albums praised by critics; if you have a favourite of Muse', even if it's not necessarily the most beloved, cast your ball.

When you want to get to know the best Muse albums ever, this Muse albums page will help you. Those beloved Muse CD's have been admired by musical lovers all over the globe, so the order is not just the mind of one being.

The albums were rated from the best to less good: Muse

  • BHAR: Well, if one of you knows me well enough, maybe you know my possession of this one. It' s a sound record, but I won't be lying when I say that there are some issues with the productions. Favorite tracks from this record are "Take A Bow", "Assassin" and "Knights Of Cydonia".

I exaggerate, obviously, the second half has some gemstones and maybe one of the best gentle tunes by Muse ever? Megalomania was great, but the text is the most important thing that survives the second half. Anyway, it's still a disgrace because this one has the best first half of every one.

I' ll just skip the second half, or I' ll get a screenager anchor and not take worry of the other part. Almost the first half are the best tracks on the record. It' s total rubbish to keep a very good record down. There is another track on this record named I belong To You and I don't like it.

Guide Light's solos is regal, but the rest goes to shit. However, the remainder of this record is absolutely golden! Besides, I think this is Muse's best Soundalbum in terms of productions. What's interesting is because I don't think Muse had an engineer/helper type during that time. Everybody (besides Chris', sorry bud) the tracks are so good on their own, but they don't fit together at all.

My feeling is that if this was just a compilation of single albums and not a real one, I would have liked it more. But there is one singing.... There' s one on this I CAN FUCK straight. "The Soup Recipe ", "Great Glaciation" and "Animals" record the best music. Handler (even if it's dull as hell solo), Defector and Reapers are the ONLY good tunes from this one.

For me The Globalist was always a strange emotion, because I really only hear the first two parts and then modify the one. Altogether, this record is peppered with Mutt Lange, who doesn't know how to handle Matt's vocals, and incredibly enforced texts. I' ve already got the best tunes out.

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