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Album Muse List

The Muse - Placement of albums Apparently it's all relatively simple - an ordinary Muse album is still far better than anything that, say, comes from Mumford & Sons - but'The Resistance' is the only true letdown in Muse's Canyon. Guiding Light' is brilliant and intoxicating and'United States Of Eurasia' almost visits the tuneful greatness of Butterflies And Hurricanes' - but it's basically the ascent and descent of Muse's Big Rock recipe for consumerism/understanding and the concluding orchestra'Exogenesis' suites is yielding to the full.

It' s astonishing how subdued the muse' début today seems, because when it was first released it was like the ultimative, insane music insanity. It is now the tone of Muse's footage that is grabbing for some kind of solidness - where the single'Sunburn','Muscle Museum','Uno','Cave' and'Unintended' wind with an oppressed grandeur and a continent-wide view that included Balkans villages dances, Egypt serpent charmers and Sadist Flamenco.

Yes, the subject of penetrating the world' s disaster begins to ring a little battered in Muse's encyclopedia, a little like Tim Burton making a movie Weird Cartoony Guy Played By Johnny Depp In A Shit Wig. However,'The Second Law' represents his spirit of exploring and experimenting - where'The Resistance' sounds as if Muse would pamper all her current musical visions in a giant, non-tempered frenzy,'The Second Law' goes into new terrain, be it INXS Pop-Rock ('Panic Station'), Dubstep and Chris singing his way through his 12th steps on 'Liquid State' and 'Save Me'.

How could an album that "encourages bankiers to slay themselves, to do us all a favor" not be tampered with by a certain kind of genius? How could it not be? Muse' most sincere and focussed popular line that arrives after 45 min, even the gigantic galop into brilliant ridicule, that's 'Knights Of Cydonia'. Using "Supermassives Schwarzes Loch" and "Sternenlicht" as his card-disturbing business card, "Schwarze Löcher..." fought the lack of power, the politically misleading, the warmongering and, uh, the Martians with a vigorous skirt assault and an eyes on the dance floor.

Origin Of Symmetry", the favorite album of the committed muse follower, sounds huge at the break in 2011 and has an incomparable first half, which picks up the best single of Muse in the form of "New Born", "Bliss" and their virtuoso work "Plug In Baby". However, nowadays I find more consistency in the bold and bizarre Triptychon of'Micro Cuts','Screenager' and'Darkshines' and recognise'Citizen Erased' as one of Muse's greatest accomplishments, the heart of a great, challenging album that they probably would have predestined for the reviewer parachuting from outer Space if they had thought it first.

When the guy who showed up disguised Take Me Out as a riff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show to direct the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, he found at his expense that first few sensations counted, and my first sense of'absolution' was beating. While previewing at the planetarium, the marvels of outer spaces were roaring, followed by a fulminant trip through the Milky Way, which was projected onto the domed disk, the ideal audiovisual mix resembling hearing slipknots "Iowa" in a real slaughterhouse.

Back then'Absolution' was flawless, filler-free, the best skirt album of the century, and my mind hasn't really swapped since. Appocalypse Please' is still the most artistic and succesful of Muse's great album openingomparamas,'Butterflies and Hurricanes' is still her best opera poem and the early onslaught of'Time Is running out','Sing for absolution' and'Stockholm syndrome' never gives way to a later album sleep, the sound never fluctuates to the great 'Made by Secrecy'.

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