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Muse's Matt Bellamy says that in the age of iTunes and Spotify, album are' almost meaningless'. Bellamy, who will release Muse's new album'Drones' in June, is optimistic that the event will last and is in a more healthy situation than ever before. About' Drones', a self-released event record, Bellamy tells how it motivates the group to perform every single track and influence their writing.

An exclusive behind-the-scenes muse at the'Live From Rome Olympic Stadium'.

The Network Journal

A former business graduate, Mike Muse is co-founder of Muse Recordings, a world-renowned recording company with a strong track name for high standards of excellence and innovative thinking. Mr. Muse received a bachelor's in business administration from the University of Michigan. He benefited from what he learnt from the National Society of Black Engineers.

"NSBE gave me unbelievable management and growth abilities as a member of the NSBE committee while I was a freshman and oversaw a multi-million dollars budget," says Muse. As a result of the successful first publication of his Marc's Project record, he collaborated with the Football League, the McDonalds's, the United Nations, the McDonalds's and others.

A member of the National Finance Committee of Barack Obama, Muse is one of the country's youngest people to collect a million dollars in a year for an US presidential election. She is a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and sits on various committees of various organisations for young people, educational and chance agents.

Muse looks for a challange and wants to study Mandarin because he thinks it is a provocative one.

Muse middle-aged fan ready for the move to Rush fan

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The long-time muse friend Peter Walker began his development into the random of the famous German professional rocking group Rush only a few short days after his age of 50. My boyfriends and my extended circle of relatives were an incredible support to his choice to hug Rush. As he grew older, Walker acknowledged that his passion for Muse faded.

In spite of its acceptability, customization was not simple for Walker.

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