Muse 2017 Album

2017 Muse Album

Looks like Muse will not release a new album in the foreseeable future. They say, "the business has evolved too much" Muse have shown that it can take them a while to publish something near an album and accuse the business and the way they hear it. Their last album was'Drones' from 2015. Bellamy last year proposed that the group could go in a way for their next album in which they would retreat more and orient themselves acoustically.

"I have the feeling that I say it every single album, but I have the feeling that it might be the right moment to do something a little stricter," he said. Now they have shown that they don't focus on records at all after publishing a series of independent single music.

"I think the business has been changing too much since we began, at least since we released our first album. However, even in the last five or six years, streams have become the way most poeple are listening to today, and I think that has an impact on the way poeple are listening to music," bass player Chris Wolstenholme tells them.

"Sometimes as a group - even when you're away - you don't necessarily want to make an album, but sometimes it's really good to meet as a group for a little joke, and when something comes out of it, you think well: "Why not do it as an independent single," he added.

"I think things have been revolving around an album promotion for years, applying for an album and having single people to promot the album.

New Album Announced &'The Dark Side' Video: timepiece

Muse-sanctioned the date of their 8th album Simulation Theory and today (August 30th) published a cyberpunk-like movie for a new solo song named "The Dark Side". This album, which will be published on November 9th, follows the album from 2015 and contains the already published tracks "Something Human", "Thought Contagion" and "Dig Down" as well as their newest song "The Dark Side".

Theory is published in three formats: an eleven-track CD and LP, a sixteen-track CD and a twenty-one tape edition. Enthusiasts who buy Sim Theory from the band's shop will receive early admission to the Muse Tours 2019. Have a look at the movie for "The Dark Side" below and see the tracklist of the album after the album.

Tracklist for simulation theory: The Deluxe Album CD:

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