Muse 2017

Muse 2017

Musa (Spanish: Musa) is an English-speaking, Spanish, supernatural thriller film by Jaume Balagueró. story line One young man and his three younger brothers and sisters, who kept the passing of their dearly loved mom under wraps to stay together, are afflicted by a dark present in the vast mansion in which they are living. Following a mystical meltdown, a young woman is abandoned to escape an evil force haunting her home.

An intimidated, frightened teenager woman wakes something in the forest when she carries out an naive cult ceremony to call a hag to murder her mum. On the first of the nights in her new home, a double mom who comes into a home is faced with homicidal invaders and struggles for the life of her daughter.

16 years later, when the girls unite in the building, it gets really weird. An emerging teenage girl reveals the mystery of her trauma as a child. In her expansive California Manor, off-centre gun Hereditary Sarah Winchester thinks she is dead by the spirits of humans through the Winchester repeater gun.

One man who was recently discharged from a psychiatric institution inherited a villa after his rich parent died.

story line

A 1890s portraitist from Brooklyn, Catherine Weldon travelled to Dakota to draw a picture of Sitting Bull and became involved in the Lakota peoples' battle for the world. One group of scholars discovers a spiritual leader and conducts an experimentation on her, although such a godless act could cause place and place to diffract and change the tissue of the univers.

A young man unknowingly fell in love in a remote hilltop city with a mystical burial entrepreneur who guards a hidden mystery. Sneaking into an empty jail with the intent of making a ghost-hunting movie until they begin to miss one by one.

As two young brethren seek to catch astronomical videos, an unsuspectedly dangerous young man as an Innocent scientific trial becomes a full moon of eerie incidents that threaten their dozy seaside city. The three undertaker are trapped in a web of lust and deception, including hidden treasures and a confused romantic scandal, in this contemporary thriller built on a real one.

New disciple of the Blackwood Boarding School, Kit Gordy faces the psychic phenomena and mysterious forces of the director of the school. When a mythic and lethal ghost from Gallic tradition - a Leannán sí - becomes his muse and mistress, the artist's world is forever transformed. Spend a good time with these blockbuster films, which you can now watch on Prime Video.

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